Why the Samsung Galaxy S10+ could be a better bet than iPhone XS Max in 2019


Samsung’s Galaxy phones have always been the ultimate alternative’s to Apple’s universe of iPhones. But recently since Google started its own Pixel line, even though not by market share, in mindshare Samsung’s Galaxy phones have started to take a back seat as opposed to the new Google Pixel’s whose magical cameras have captured the imagination of the world and have even caught Apple napping. This year, 2019, could be even more complex. With the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S10+, we could have a three-way tango for what is the ultimate in mobile computing. But for now, it seems for the next 6 months, Samsung’s new Galaxy could have the numero uno tag unequivably which hasn’t happened in years. I’ve been using the Galaxy S10+ for around about 6 hours now & there are tangible ways in which it is better than the iPhone XS Max.

  • Value for money is everything for Indians and there is no secret that Apple’s phones have crossed the insane threshold. Not that Samsung is far behind, but least you’re getting more of everything for a tad bit lesser. That’s golden when you’re talking about phones that cost more than a Rs 1,00,000. With the top line, S10+ you’re getting a terabyte of storage, 12GB RAM, a ceramic finish that’s unique and delightful, a headphone jack which is missing in the iPhone, unique technologies like reverse wireless charging and an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner. That alone will be the king size reason for the Samsung to beat Apple.
  • Android is a more familiar operating system and the way Samsung has been tuning it off late has been impressive. Its new One UI in tandem with the incredulous processing prowess of the S10, give it beastly performance that not only can punch in the same heavyweight category as the iPhone XS Max but also make things just more fun. For gaming too, Apple usually has an advantage, but Samsung has collaborated with Unity to optimise this phone for better performance which should even things out. That hasn’t been the case since a while.
  • Apple is starting to fall behind in the camera technology to Android phones. This steady decline has arisen since the iPhone X and the arrival of the Pixel phones. This year the experts at DxO Mark have rated the Galaxy S10+ camera 109 which is the joint highest for any smartphone tied with the Huawei P20 Pro. The iPhone XS Max lags a couple of notches behind at 105, but in real use for many, that gap could be wider. The Samsung adds a cool triple camera array that has a wide angle camera, its software is vastly improved to fix elevate its portrait mode and there is AI trickery at its heart that optimises the settings and helps you compose the perfect photos for your Instagram followers. There’s more — the video function now has a steady shot GoPro like mode in addition to it now shooting in HDR10 which is unique and impressive. Apple can’t match this right now so the video table stakes have moved to Samsung.
  • Battery life is very important these days. With its 4,100mAh battery, we are looking at a phone that could last longer than the iPhone XS Max while also charging faster with its fast-charging technology with the added benefit of fast wireless charging and reverse wireless charging. You’re literally talking about a mobile power bank in the guise of a gorgeous phone. And that indeed is an impressive feat considering that this phone has an ultrasonic scanner, five cameras in total and yet it looks stunning visually with polished metal side rails like the iPhone but unique colours on the back hoisting a camera array with the slightest bump.
  • The best smartphone display will make this phone the ultimate for viewing Netflix and YouTube videos apart from being a delight for gaming use cases. This new dynamic AMOLED infinity O display has a screen to body ratio of more than 93% and it supports HDR 10+ and has an insane pixel density that goes beyond a 2K resolution with a radius of 6.4-inches. This also makes this phone slightly more compact than the iPhone XS Max. What’s not to like on this big daddy phone. Don’t be surprised if in the coming weeks the folks at Display Mate rate it to be the best mobile display on the planet.

We have tried to focus on metro cities and in time we will also expand to more cities.