warpcore weekend guide 1.0


For most people warpcore has been known because of its monthly basement party. We have been doing this basement party for over 3 years and along the way it has become a central part of the nightlife scene in Delhi for some. As we lead up to the launch of our website, we want to give you a teaser to what content you can expect from us. At launch, for editorial & branded content, we will have technology, music and pop culture as the main verticles focussing on six cities on India — Delhi, Mumbai, Banglore, Chennai, Kolkata & Hyderabad. So here are the five acts that you can’t afford to miss.

  • Kevin Saunderson: One of the founding fathers of techno is coming down to India for the first time. Considered by many to be one of the greatest exponents of techno & house, folks in Banglore & Mumbai will be able to experience the master from Detroit. He’s playing at the first parking lot party organized by the Lalit in Mumbai on Saturday and in Bangalore at Koramangala Social today.
  • DJ Bone: Though not as revered as Saunderson, DJ Bone is considered to be a master vinyl technician. His sets are unpredictable, hugely technical and they transcend genres. He’s playing first in Delhi at a special warehouse party which is a Mother’s Finest showcase with Franklin De Costa and Delhi based Film. Post this on Saturday, he’s playing along with Kevin Saunderson at the first Lalit parking lot party at P2 in Mumbai.
  • Moblack: Moblack is one of the leading lights of the Afro House scene with his namesake label pushing out iconic artists like Black Coffee. Synonymous with a unique brand of house music Moblack’s music is always peppy. He’s going to be playing for the Delhi Collective weekender at the Sheraton in New Delhi and then in Mumbai he’s opening the party at the P2 parking lot at the Lalit.
  • Rodriquez Jr: Traversing between melodic house, disco and dreamy soundscapes, Rodriguez Jr’s live set is a virtuosic masterpiece. His music is a dreamscape to say the least. The wizard can be seen at Kitty Su Mumbai today and on Sunday at Kitty Ko in Bangalore.
  • GMS: Legendary Dutch psychedelic act Growling Mad Scientists aka GMS are making a return after the death of their Co-founder Bansi. Today, GMS makes a return at Delhi’s Kitty Su as the official pre-party of the famed Rang festival and on Saturday, GMS lands in Chennai headlining South India’s famous Go Madras festival.

We have tried to focus on metro cities and in time we will also expand to more cities.