Why the Samsung Galaxy S10+ is the best phone for musicians, promoters and artist managers


Now that the Samsung Galaxy S10+ has gone official in India for a humble price of Rs 73,999, the question is if it is worth the money. There is no doubt that it is easily the best Android smartphone in the world today. But then again, like most flagship smartphones, it feels more like an incremental update rather than a game changer. So the ball remains in the consumers’ court if they want to drop that kind of money on a phone when there are brands like OnePlus, Xiaomi and HMD Global offering compelling choices for almost half the amount promising 90% of the experience. But there is one thing that the phone excels at — that is low light photography and video and this makes it the ultimate phone for touring musician, DJ, producer and even artist managers and gig promoters who need to create on the fly promotional content. Here’s why:

  • •The video capture is incredible on the Galaxy S10+. Not only it takes super bright videos in the darkest environments, but it also captures clear audio in the loudest environments. Last weekend, I was at a parking lot party where Detroit house innovator Kevin Saunderson played, and I was backstage. It took a number of videos in the dark and loud surroundings, and the results the Galaxy S10+ delivered was incredible.
  • •With the Galaxy S10+, you get three camera perspectives. A standard one, coupled with 2x zoomed telephoto perspective and a wide angle 123-degree field of view. You can switch between the three lenses on the fly while shooting, which makes this a very dynamic video camera. Imagine, switching between the three cameras on the fly while shooting at a gig. You can’t do that with even a DSLR.
  • •It has a steady shot mode which is like a GoPro camera — this makes videos very stable even if you’re moving a lot, like dancing or moving through a huge crowd while taking a video. Another reason why this phone becomes handy. More so, there is a super slow motion mode which again helps make the camera more dynamic and allows one to capture more provocative content from a gig.
  • •In this age of social media, one is always Instagramming. The Galaxy S10+ is the first phone to have Instagram embedded within the camera user interface and within the. editing user interface. Suffice to say, if you’re in a hurry, the fastest Instagram camera in the world is the Galaxy S10+.
  • •Last but not least is the fact that it is an Android phone which comes with a baseline of 128GB of storage, which is quite a bit. Android also means that transferring videos over Bluetooth is painless and if push comes to shove, one can also use the USB type C or USB host mode to transfer content with ease, something that’s not possible with iTunes on the iPhone.
  • •Generally, even for still photos, the f/1.5 aperture along with the stabilised lens allows this phone to take really bright photos in dark environments like concerts and nightclubs, so again it becomes a handy companion.

You can check out the video of Kevin Saunderson playing here.