Samsung Galaxy S10+ review: Almost perfect


For a decade the latest Galaxy S smartphone has represented the best of Android. For a decade, the best of Android has represented as a counter to the lustre and hype of the iPhone. And in its 10th year, the Galaxy S10+ is a culmination of Samsung’s prowess as an industry heavyweight in numerous fields of technology ranging from custom silicon, display, imagining, design and even software. Right now, if you’re to go to a store and you want the best of Android, there isn’t even an iota of doubt that the Samsung Galaxy S10+ is the best Android smartphone in the world. So much so, it perhaps is better than the iPhone XS, culminating in near perfection.

What’s great

  • The most gorgeous smartphone display ever. Yes, this isn’t hyperbole but it is no secret that Samsung is behind the best screens and with the Galaxy S10+ it is just showing off. It is also the first OLED screen to have a pill-shaped cutout on the edge which is very tasteful for an abrasion for the front cameras. It also lights up in a cool way in the UI which is another neat touch.
  • Classy design language which has reached a point of near perfection in terms of ergonomics and usability. It also looks super classy when supported with neatly polished aluminum seams, minimalistic camera bumps, water and dust resistance and classy colours.
  • Superlative hardware and software performance converting to a buttery smooth Android experience. While this is to be expected, the software is so refined when coupled with the new Exynos 9820 processor that it feels visually beautiful while being as smooth as a Pixel smartphone.
  • Impressive battery life is offered on the Galaxy S10+ courtesy its 4,100mAh battery. It is good to last around 12 hours with medium to heavy usage which is impressive considering it also drives that epic screen. This phone also supports fast charging and wireless charging. Like the Huawei Mate 20 pro, it also supports reverse wireless charging which can be used to charge anything between the Galaxy Buds to iPhones.
  • This phone also comes with a very unique array of cameras on the back that includes a wide angle, telephoto and standard lens. The wide angle lens particularly is superb for landscape shots, while the telephoto helps for bokeh shots and zoom. The standard lens is also superb in daylight.
  • Stupendous camera for taking videos in low light. The camera also is very steady almost like a GoPro while it also retains superb audio capture.

What’s not hot

  • Samsung’s Exynos processor isn’t as good as the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 which means very soon this phone will be eclipsed by other Android phones. It’s further behind Apple’s A12 Bionic chip so in terms of gaming performance it is behind the iPhone. This also means the phone gets warm at times.
  • Both the rear and front cameras have a tendency to oversaturate photos. Apart from that they also overexpose them in low light situations whilst over processing them. Sometimes, the results look terrible.
  • Generally, improvements to the camera system are iterative at best which again means the Galaxy S10+ will be easily eclipsed this year. For example, it is already inferior to the Pixel 3 and Huawei P20 Pro, so guess what’s going to happen when the P30 Pro and Pixel 4 come out.
  • Software updates are going to be slow on this phone. This will not be one of the first phones to get the update to Android Q. In stark contrast, even the Pixel 2 can today run the early beta to Android Q.
  • The ultrasonic fingerprint scanner isn’t as accurate as a standard fingerprint scanner. It is also slow and finicky and the lack of a proper iPhone XS style face ID feature compounds this problem.