warpcore weekend guide 1.7

Lena Wilikens makes her India debut this weekend. Image Credits: Mixmag

This week Indian dance music audiences across metropolitan cities are in for a treat featuring a wide spectrum of electronic music ranging from dreamy electronica, innovative electro, cutting edge techno, classic house and melancholic vocals. It will appeal to a wide range of audiences.

Blot!(DJ set): For some Blot! aka Gaurav Malaker’s ethereal, melancholic brand of electronic music which ranges between the deeper side of house and raging techno is the very embodiment of underground dance music in India. To call him the most loved indie electornic producer in India would be an understatement. He’s bringing his powerful DJ set to Delhi’s new party hub Mango kitchen & Bar this Friday. Prepare yourself for a dreamscape of melodies that make you dance.

Matrixxman: Charles Duff as his alias Matrixxman is more machine than man, sonically speaking of course. His sounds are mechanised swirling in an avalanche of cutting edge productions that are ensue warmth associated with analog. He’s set to do a techno master class this weekend, starting in Mumbai’s framed Room 303 warehouse party and then an encore in Delhi’s Auro on Saturday with local favourite Kohra.

Lena Wililkens: Lena Wilikens is a tour de force, be it her Japanese influence audio visual works or theremin rhythms. The Düsseldorf based DJ/producer is one of the most unpredictable acts on the planet who believes in never playing hits emanating the true ethos of underground. She’s coming for a special tour this weekend playing in Mumbai’s Famous studio on Friday, Bangalore’s Koramangala Social on Saturday and in Delhi’s infamous Auro on Sunday including even a workshop alongside femme DJ collective Coven Code.

Vachan Chinappa (Vinyl set): Not as well known as his peers, but Vachan Chinappa has left an indelible imprint on the Indian underground music scene over the course of the last two decades. He comes to New Delhi after a long time playing a special vinyl set which will feature classic house tunes. He will be supported by Madboy who’s playing a DJ set on support.

Gioli and Assia: Italian producers Gioli and Assia are coming to India bringing their peppy act which includes melodic vocal house music. They will first play in Kitty Su Mumbai on Friday, then Kitty Su Delhi on Saturday, closing off the tour with a dreamy sundowner in the surreal Kitty Ko Bangalore.