Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 7 Pro proves why iPhones are now redundant for 99% people


Back in March when Xiaomi launched the Redmi Note 7 Pro, it was billed as the biggest update to the much-lauded Redmi Note line of smartphones which has propelled the Chinese company to become the biggest smartphone retailer 2nd largest smartphone market on the planet. And indeed, it is the biggest update to the line which is a holistic do-over of a smartphone line which was starting to feel solid but boring for many folks.

This time around the update is so monumental that it brings Xiaomi’s trump card closer to flagship phones like the iPhone more than ever at 10% of the cost of the top of the like iPhone XS Max. The Redmi Note 7 Pro comes closer to an expensive smartphone in terms of camera performance and build quality areas where traditionally mid-range smartphones have struggled to compete against high-end models.

This also comes at a time where innovation at the high-end of the market has started to plateau with the latest iPhone models giving out an iterative vibe while being more expensive than ever.

  • The dual camera system on the Redmi Note 7 Pro is truly superb. When it comes down to still images the image quality is truly on the level of the iPhone XS, while the low-light performance is arguably even better featuring advanced features like a night mode which isn’t there in the Apple mothership.
  • Xiaomi has upped the build quality game with the Redmi Note 7 Pro. While it doesn’t have any kind of certification, this is one of the only phones at its price point which offers splash-proofing. Overall build quality also feels a cut above, almost iPhone like, with it featuring Corning’s latest Gorilla Glass on both the front & back. It just is a very well-made phone that also happens to look quite good offered in unique colours.
  • The quality of the displays has also improved a lot. For instance, 6.3-inch screen on the Redmi Note 7 Pro bright, contrasty, sharp and colourful — not iPhone XS good — bit certainly on the level as the iPhone 8 to the untrained eye. For things like watching movies and YouTube, it is very good. It is also backed up with the best coverglass in the market.
  • The confluence of Android becoming a more responsive operating system with highly improved and optimised apps with the advancement in mid-range chipset technology means the Redmi Note 7 Pro is a very able performer for day to day chores while also being more than decent for playing games like PUBG. Xiaomi says that it’s optimising it’s the implementation of the new Snapdragon 675 chip further for Fortnite. Largely, this phone has been a delight to use and I’ve never missed out one of my many iPhones.
  • One area where the Redmi Note line has always had an edge over flagships has been battery life. It continues the trend of having a huge 4,000mAh battery with USB type C based fast charging. Not only this phone lasts regularly around 5 hours longer than the iPhone XS Max, but it also charges faster in 2 hours.
  • Audiophiles will also appreciate that this phone has the headphone jack which isn’t there in the iPhone since the last couple of years. This is one Apple created irritant that the customer doesn’t need to hoop through.

A confluence of all these facts coupled with the great value for money price of less than Rs 20,000 make this a great product for 99.99% people who might have needed an iPhone 3–4 years ago, but a phone like the Redmi Note 7 Pro, completely eradicates that need.

Sure, there are phones that are faster in gaming performance like the Realme 3 Pro, there are phones that come with snazzier designs like the Honor phones, but none have ever come as close to the iPhone as the Redmi Note 7 Pro at this price.