warpcore weekend guide 1.3


Yet another week and yet another line up of star-studded acts performing in India. This week India will witness one of the originators of House music, an upcoming disco sensation from Belgium, a master of ambient melodic sounds, the queen of the Brazilian electronic scene and a bunch of super skillful live electronic acts from none other than New Delhi. Let’s go.

  • Danny Howells: The name Danny Howells and progressive house are synonymous with each other. He’s been one of the founding fathers of the sound since the early 90’s having been discovered by none other than BedRock co-founder, the legendary John Digweed. He’s on a three-city tour playing at the Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore Kitty Su and Kitty Ko nightclubs over the weekend.
  • San Soda: Making his second visit to India, Belgian sensation San Soda is all set to rock Delhi’s Olive rooftop with some super sexy disco vibes. Expect him to mesh his disco roots with some Detroit techno to keep things quite bubbly. He’s also playing at the warpcore after-party which can be attended by those who attend the main event at Olive on Saturday.
  • Cashu: The queen of the Brazilian electronic music scene Cashu will debut her energetic blend of techno, house and acid with a South American twist at Delhi’s famed Auro Kitchen & Bar. Before Delhi, she performs at a secret warehouse party in Mumbai rekindling the acid revolution from the ’90s. This will be one for the books.
  • Lake People: Those who have attended and stayed at warpcore parties till late will often remember FILM dropping the dreamy “Point in Time” by Lake People at the wee hours of the party. Hailing from Leipzig, the signature Lake People sound revolves between ambient electronica, hypnotic techno and groovy house all performed live. They are performing at Delhi’s Summer House Cafe on Friday for those interested in this dreamy vibe.
  • Curtain Blue & Else If live: Curtain Blue is the solo live electronic moniker of Abhishek Bhatia is a live ambient electronic who is also known for his alternative rock band the Circus. His music is inspired by the likes of Moderat, Radiohead, Burial and Four Tet. Suffice to say be prepared to be sucked into Bhatia’s hypnotic vocals. Else If involves the duo of former Jalebee Cartel founder Arjun G-Force and Puneesh Suri featuring hypnotic synth-based basslines, distorted electric guitars with delays and sometimes G-Force’s melancholic vocals. It is one of the most forward-thinking acts to have come out from the indie music scene and is not one to be missed.