warpcore weekend guide 2.7


Best gigs in Delhi NCR

  • Skillbox presents Bandish Projekt: Bandish Projekt is a pioneering electronic act which fuses western sounds with ethenic Indian sounds creating a unique sound that traverses the world music, drum and bass and electronica space. They play a rare DJ set at Delhi’s Auro Kitchen and Bar on Thursday. Opening for them includes Siddharth Morrison and the Basti Crew and Rolls Roy.
  • warpcore SPACE DISCO: The warpcore crew returns to Mango Kitchen & Bar this Thursday with the eclectic line-up featuring Aamish and Moody playing a spacey disco vibe all night long. The main feature of the evening is a familiar house-influenced electronic sound that always is fun.
  • Oscillate Presents Harrison BDP: Mumbai based Oscillate crew brings forth UK based producer Harrison BDP who has been known the world over for his unique lo-fi House sound. Melodic, innovative and utterly groovy is what one may describe his sound as. Harrison plays at Auro Kitchen & Bar this Saturday.
  • Yosi Horikawa at odd bird: Japanese electronica proponent Yosi Horikawa is performing in Delhi’s famous odd bird theatre a live set where he will showcase sounds inspired by daily life and nature weaved into a melodic dreamscape. He also plays on Thursday.
  • Ownage Soundtank: Soundtank by Ownage entertainment continues to push the live music scene this week with an eclectic line of live budding live musicians featuring Chezin, Mukul Jiwnani, K Sohl and Kriti B. This one is happening at Turquoise Cottage which is one of the last spots of refuge for live acts in the city.

Best gigs outside Delhi NCR

  • Oscillate Presents Harrison BDP: Apart from his Delhi leg, Oscillate is hosting the incredible Lo-Fi hero Harrison BDP at Mumbai’s Todi Mill Social on Friday and at a secret location in Bangalore on the Sunday.
  • Yosi Horikawa: Horikawa’s unique melodic tunes which are inspired by mother nature will be unleashed on Saturday at Banglore’s Foxtrot and on Sunday at Mumbai’s Savage Bar and Kitchen.
  • CC Disco at Kitty Su: Australian disco queen CC Disco returns to India in less than a year for two unique shows with the Lalit Hotel’s Kitty brand of nightclubs and pubs. She plays at the infamous Kitty Su Mumbai on Saturday following up with day party at Kitty Ko in Bangalore on Sunday.
  • Susha Jazz quartet: Bangalore’s bFlat is known for pushing the boundaries of live music and they are doing it yet again this Friday with the super talented Susha Jazz quartet playing a set of carefully curated Jazz standards and originals.

Disclosure: Space Disco by warpcore is an in-house IP.