Why Xiaomi’s Redmi K20 Pro is a great phone for concert-goers and musicians


Xiaomi’s new Redmi K20 Pro has been making waves in the Indian market for the last week or so thanks to its powerful value for money quotient and also its flagship killing performance. The one thing that really pops out is the way this phone shoots video. It doesn’t only have pretty decent electronic image stabilization which is crucial for video but it has an oomph factor which makes this a great phone for frequent concert-goers and even musicians who either don’t want to buy an expensive Android phone or an iPhone. Let me explain.

  • The triple camera system makes this phone a very versatile shooter. This allows for optical zoom, wide-angle perspectives and of course, the standard perspective. This works equally well for video and stills, though, the portrait mode is better than even some phones that cost a good deal more. The night mode makes this phone a low-light imaging challenge which is great for shooting photos in a nightclub or concert. 
  • The audio quality of videos even in the loudest environments is superb. There is very little distortion even when you’re right next to a speaker which can’t be even said about phones like the Google Pixel 3 or the OnePlus 7. This is a unique trait of this phone which pulls it in a space only occupied by the Samsung Galaxy S10 and the iPhone XS and XR.
  • As a multimedia package, this phone comes jam-packed with features. You get 128GB of storage as a base point which can scale to 256GB if you need more which is ideal for storing a lot of videos locally. 
  • The image editing features that ship by default with the gallery app on MiUI are very intuitive and functional. If you’re the type who doesn’t like to download a lot of third party apps then this is the phone for you. 
  • The 6.39-inch OLED screen is just incredible for consuming, showcasing or even editing the video or photo content that’s been shot from this phone. It’s one of the nicer screens I’ve seen on a smartphone which has a brightness level that goes beyond 600 nits and has great DCI-P3 colours and good viewing angles.