The 2019 LEGO Creator Set, Corner Garage, is the ultimate analog detox in this digital world


For most people, Lego bricks are meant for kids. But when you take a look at the 2019 Lego creator set dubbed the Corner Garage, is a challenging set that requires time, patience, skill and the maturity of someone who is beyond their teens. This also makes this the ultimate procrastination and time pass activity in this digital age where social media, the internet and video games are rampant. It equates to the ultimate digital detox and a hell of a fun activity of folks to enjoy. So here are my thoughts after assembling the new one for a week or so during the cricket world cup. 

  • It is the ultimate group activity even for a bunch of grown-ups in their 30s. Why? Well, like a lot of videos games like Fifa 2019 or something on similar lines, it is not something gated by skill or love for a type of sport. It is just like a massive puzzle. It has 2569 pieces, which makes it a very complex set to complete. People don’t say no to participating in a Lego build because there is no losing, embarrassment, you just need to complete the build.
  • It is best enjoyed as a multiplayer activity with more than three people working on different aspects of the set. When I completed Corner’s Garage with my friends, four people worked on the set over the course of a week. 
  • Anyone can jump in at any time. This isn’t like Poker or some cards game or video game where you can’t jump in, right in the middle of things. At any given moment, you can get your hands dirty by just following the guide book that’s supplied. 
  • It teaches you inventory management. As the set is divided into six-packs of Lego bricks with tiny parts here and there, one needs to be very careful with managing all the inventory especially if you’re going to spread out the build across multiple days.  
  • This build has everything in it. It appeals to all kinds of Lego fanatics as you’re just not building a nuanced multi-story building, but you’re making a garage with an apartment complex which includes making a tow truck with wheels along with a gas station. 

In all my years of building Lego sets, Corner Garage is easily the most challenging Lego set I’ve helped build not because of its size, but because of the varied nature of the tasks involved and the intricate nuance in every stage of the build which makes it an expensive but a really fun alternative to more usual forms of group fun like video games. I’d take building the Lego Creator over playing PUBG over the internet any day. Everyone should.