Here’s why Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10+ is its best phone ever with no distinct weakness


Now, that the covers have come off, and Samsung has unveiled the Galaxy Note 10+ and Note 10 in India, one must take a look at why this phone is super important for the South Korean giant and more importantly what makes this phone special, especially with the next iPhone inbound apart from Google’s next Pixel 4 which has already been made official. While there are challenges ahead for Samsung, one has to give due credit as the Galaxy Note 10 line this year is the most bulletproof edition of the phone in years which comes with no distinct weakness. 

What makes this phone special 

  • It goes without saying that Aura glow design pattern on the Galaxy Note 10+ is incredible. Sure, it is inspired by what Huawei did with the P30 Pro, but now the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ is the prettiest smartphone in the world, while also being built like a tank feeling uber premium. 
  • Samsung has upped the ante with the camera. The folks at DxOMark say that it is on par with the P30 Pro. While I’m not convinced that’s the case, the addition of the depth sensor makes portraits much better part from them working with video. Generally, daylight and night time shots are extremely good and the night mode is now usable. 
  • Performance has never been a problem with the Galaxy Note, but the new Exynos 9825 processor is faster than the one on the Galaxy S10+ for both gaming and multitasking. It has a heatsink too for extreme use and there is now 12GB RAM which should make it on par with the OnePlus 7 Pro for brute multitasking strength. This phone is a gamers delight and I found that too on my flight backhoe when I gamed on Asphalt 9 and watched MindHunter on Netflix with every element of the hardware making the experience come together in a delightful way. 
  • The software features are what makes this device special. There is an AR doodle mode, there is an AR 3D scanner which works with the depth sensor on the back and there is also a new video editor which works in tandem with S-Pen. The S-Pen also gets air gestures and now using the notes app you can convert your handwriting into rich text as Samsung uses some artificial intelligence sorcery. 
  • This phone also comes preloaded with Microsoft’s apps like OneDrive integrated into the gallery and syncing with the Windows My Phone app-enabled which will eventually allow for phone calls on Windows notebooks and PCs.  
  • Battery life on the larger Note 10+ should be much better than before thanks to the 4,300mAh battery and also the 25W fast charging that’s part of the package. You can buy a faster 45W charger and there is also 15W wireless charging. It is not as good as the Huawei P30 Pro, but chances are it is better than the OnePlus 7 Pro and iPhone XS Max. 
  • The phone does great audio. The supplied AKG headphones are very good and the audio quality from even the speakers is absolutely banging. How phones can deliver that just out of the box?

What are its challenges 

  • Samsung has removed the headphone jack. It has removed expandable memory on the standard Note. These were things that made this phone unique. They don’t exist anymore. 
  • Samsung’s camera tech is likely to be eclipsed very soon. Even though right now, the Galaxy Note 10+ has a superb camera, it already isn’t the best, and it will likely fall backwards in the ladder once the new iPhone, Pixel and Huawei Mate phones come out. 
  • Samsung One UI while highly improved remains somewhat of an acquired taste. It is certainly not as enchanting as the stock Android on Pixel, nor as feature-rich as MiUI or as fluid as Oxygen OS. It is stuck in the middle of nowhere.