Xiaomi’s Mi A3 is their best phone of the year & the only phone to consider if the budget is less than Rs 25,000


Xiaomi has had a rollicking year with some incredible launches in 2019 with the superb Redmi Note 7 line taking off like a storm. More recently, their K20 series has been all the rage. But now comes an understated phone which I believe to be their best product of the year — it’s the Mi A3; their third Android One smartphone. This phone is a masterclass in balance. Let me elaborate on why I believe this to be the case. 

  1. Looks are often subjective, and indeed Xiaomi has upped the ante with design on their phones. That being said, some of their designs have been utterly flashy. The Mi A3 isn’t flashy, nor is it a drab looking phone like the previous Mi A2. It actually is a pretty phone in an understated way with a shimmering back that reflects rainbow colours like the Galaxy Note 10+. It also has an iPhone like polished side railing which makes it look attractive. Perhaps, its biggest design advantage is its rather compact 6-inch screen which makes it an easy phone to hold. 
  2. Many people will yearn for a high-resolution display, but the fact that Xiaomi went ahead and put a 720p OLED screen on this phone is a masterful decision. This makes the phone have 286 pixels per inch with its 6-inch panel. This results in a very vivid panel, which is sharp enough for most people. The OLED screen comes with other benefits of being more power efficient and also allowing for an in-display fingerprint scanner. Most people will find this screen to be better than a full HD LCD screen. 
  3. Xiaomi has armed the Mi A3 with an incredible triple camera system. It has the very same 48-megapixel Sony camera that’s on the OnePlus 7 Pro with an f/1.8 aperture, while there is an 8-megapixel wide-angle camera and a 2-megapixel depth sensor. The end result is a superb camera system that good at taking shots in all kinds of situations. More so, the night mode is very robust and the depth sensor allows for great portraits. Xiaomi has even armed the phone with the 32-megapixel selfie camera of the Redmi Y3, which makes this deadlier selfie shooter. 
  4. Performance is very very good. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 may not be a huge upgrade but comes with some benefits of Android One like its clean interface, a more nimbler 11nm fabrication process, more grunt in the GPU and well a lower resolution 720p screen also helps eke out more juice. Compared to the Mi A2, this phone also gets an upgrade in the form of UFS 2.1 memory storage which makes this a faster phone in day to day use. Xiaomi has eked out performance from different corners that no-body would’ve imagined. 
  5. Xiaomi also addresses one of the key complaints of the A-line of phones. Battery life. The Mi A3 gets a 4,030mAh battery which is huge. It gets USB Type C fast charging, a low-resolution20p OLED screen which adds more power benefits. Overall, I found that this phone sucks out around 30 hours of life with medium to heavy usage which is superb. 
  6. There are other goodies — there is a P2i splash resistance, there is a headphone jack, and it also gets quite a loud speaker which is great for watching and consuming content. Its Rs 12,999 and Rs 15,999 price for the 4GB and 6GB RAM is absolutely insane.