Eureka, Apple Music finally has a web interface


It has taken Apple a little over 4 years, but finally, it’s music streaming service, Apple Music now has a web interface, albeit in beta. Apple has just announced the web app which can be accessed at Currently, in public beta, this is available to all Apple Music subscribers worldwide who need to login using their Apple ID. 

Apple Music was launched back in 2015, so Apple sure has taken its sweet time releasing a web interface for the service, however, this comes at a time where Apple has slowly been opening up the service to work with more and more third parties. 

Earlier in the year, Apple announced that Apple Music would be compatible with Amazon’s Alexa assistant and Echo line of smart speakers. At this year’s WWDC, Apple also announced that it was decoupling Apple Music from its ageing iTunes app for the Mac which has been split into three apps. 

Functionality wise, users get more or less the same iTunes features which will give access to the entire Apple Music library and also your personal library if synchronisation was enabled. 

Currently, Apple Music works on Android, Windows, Sonos and Amazon Echo, though it doesn’t work with Google’s Nest line of smart home products. Apple Music is the second most popular streaming service on the planet with 60 million paid subscribers per month trailing Spotify’s 108 million paying subscribers. 

Once out of beta, Apple will also allow new users to subscribe to the service via the web interface.