warpcore weekend guide 3.3


Delhi NCR

Wiz Khalifa:  American rapper and singer-songwriter Cameron Jibril Thomaz, more popularly known as Wiz Khalifa is on a two-city tour this September to the delight of many Indian Hip Hop fans. The multi-platinum and grammy-winning artist plays at Sunburn Arena on Saturday, 14 September.

Midival Punditz: The Midival Punditz are easily India’s biggest electronica act, apart from being one of the pioneers of the genre in the country. The past 2 decades have seen the rise of the electronica scene within India and no single band has had more influence on its growth than Midival Punditz. The Punditz are renowned for these exceptional live sets, blending electronica with live percussion, vocals and Indian elements like the flute and tabla. They have continued to maintain their prolificacy by releasing two EPs in the last two months— Nukhta and Rootha Yaar— both of which have been received with critical acclaim in the music world. The eponymous track from Rootha Yaar which features Sukanya Chattopadhyay is a stylish blend of Hindustani classical vocals, soulful rhythms and bass-heavy electronic beats. They play a DJ set at Mango Kitchen and Bar, this Friday, 13 September, courtesy Raw Live.

Etch and Spryk: Skillbox and Unmute have collaborated to bring Etch, a Brighton-based beatmaker who is is a multi-faceted talent and throws himself in many different musical directions. You can expect nerdy references to video games and an energetic set that sounds risky and adventurous. On opening duties is homegrown talent, Tejas Nair or Spryk, whose tireless creative endeavours engaging with electronic music and technology-driven art has now amassed a significant following for his work and his sound holds the promise to deliver cutting edge experiences, both on and off the dance floor. Catch them at Summer House Cafe on Friday, 13 September. Expect a night of heart-throbbing bass.  

Extrawelt and Jitter: Nightvibe is bringing one of the most prominent & iconic duo in the history of underground music circuit— Extrawelt —playing their imaginative live set on Saturday, 14 September at Auro Kitchen and Bar. The Hamburgian duo’s live act has been defining them for over a decade and leaving permanent impressions on audiences around the globe. For them, each and every show is a chance to manipulate their sound and play music which continues to remind people of the purity of techno music’s past while shedding light on the sound of the future. Their set will be preceded by one of India’s most versatile DJs, Jayant Luthra or Jitter. His productions are known to fuse Indian classical, electronica, rock, techno and ambient to create a sound that is edgy and uniquely his.

Nerve: Nerve evolved out of Jojo Mayer’s legendary party event Prohibited Beatz in NYC during the late 90′s. Initially a platform for experimental interaction between DJ’s, visual artists, musicians and the audience. The band assimilated a wide spectrum of electronic styles from old school Jungle, Dub Step and Glitch beats to Minimal and Tech House and anything that could escape the confines of genre. In the process, the group managed to acquaint a new audience with improvised music for the first time and ultimately bring the Jazz tradition of improvisation, innovation, driving rhythms and stylistic evolution to the digital age. Nerve sounds like electronic music, but it’s not. It doesn’t sound like jazz or rock, but it is. Listen to this eclectic band at Piano Man Jazz Club, Gurgaon on Sunday, 15 September (remember to go nice and early to grab your seats).

Meggy: The Embassy of Germany presents Meggy, the accomplished German DJ, vocalist and songwriter. Born and raised in Berlin, Meggy has come a long way since she first started playing records and singing in the clubs of her hometown. Her musical career went in leaps and bounds with DJ gigs at Berlin’s leading clubs, including Watergate and the legendary Bar25. Meggy has a special ability to blend the current style of music that she loves with her individual style to create a universe of sounds that no one wants to escape. She is constantly working on her songwriting skills and was recently invited to Red Bull Music Studios Berlin to present a live DJ set including only her own songs along with live vocals. A unique artist with a unique sound. Meggy’s music is not to be missed. Come dance to her tunes at Auro Kitchen and Bar, on Thursday, 12 September. 

Sahil Vasudeva: Sahil Vasudeva, one of India’s most revered pianists, debuts his original compositions in ‘Qinara- A Piano Recital’ at Oddbird Theatre and Foundation on Friday, 13 and Saturday, 14 September. His 70-minute set will reflect the mood of his previous work– a mix of contemporary and classical music that is at once emotive and technical. His performance will surely move the trained ear as well as the casual listener. The bravado of his performance lies in the transformative instrumentation of his work.

Outside Delhi NCR

Wiz Khalifa: The Mary Jane-toting, Billboard Hot 100- climbing mega-success finishes his two-city tour in Mumbai at The Sunburn Arena on Sunday, 15 September. The last time the rap legend was in India, he created a unique fan experience that newer attendees can look forward to- a confluence of hip hop and  R and B- that have familiar chart-topping sounds with more complicated nuances that he has recently been experimenting with.

Midival Punditz: After the ‘Nukhta’ tour hits their hometown, the Pundits will carry their sound all over the country. This tour might just be even more seminal to the duo’s success, and they’re going far and wide across the nation and beyond. Here are all the places to catch their magic— Saturday, 21 September in Upstairs Club, Chandigarh, 27 September, Friday at Level 3, Kathmandu, 11 October, Friday, Foxtrot Koramangala, Bangalore, 18 October, Friday, Auro Kitchen and Bar(live), New Delhi and lastly 19 October, Saturday, Antisocial (live).

Nerve: Before this brilliant electronic jazz duo brings its sound to the capital, they will enthral audiences at The Flea Bazaar Cafe, Mumbai on Friday, 13 September. Virtuoso drummer, Jojo Mayer’s trio are known for their moving, uplifting performances in addition to the technical proficiency that’s identified with jazz musicians. Their sets are a treat for audiophiles across the world and therefore this becomes an unmissable event. 

Roy Rosenfeld: This Tel Aviv based musician has been taking over the music scene with chart-busting records as well as receiving support from some of the biggest names in the industry such as Lee Burridge, Solomun (Official), Dixon, Richie Hawtin to name a few. Catch him at Kitty Su Mumbai on Thursday, 12 September, at Church Street Social, Bangalore on Friday, 13 September and at Block 22, Hyderabad on Saturday, 14 September. 

Prabh Deep: Azadi Records presents the K I N G India tour by Delhi-based Hip-Hop artist Prabh Deep. He will be performing at Mumbai on the 13th of September at The Habitat- Comedy and Music cafe. The gig will be supported by Nasty Ninja and FTS. Prabh Deep’s new EP, ‘K I N G’ details his versatility as a songwriter – deftly switching between smooth, wavy pop-hooks and raucous political verses.