Instagram Music is now available in India to make your social feed even more insufferable


Instagram Music has been launched for users in India, a feature that was rolled out for only a select-few markets back in March 2018. Although Instagram hasn’t made any official announcement regarding the feature, Android users can get it with the latest update of the social media app.

Apart from India, Instagram also made its Music feature available across Latin America earlier this month in September which includes music stickers, lip-sync live, and the ability to add songs to your Facebook Profile. 

This feature basically allows users to add official musical tracks in the background to their stories on Instagram. You can easily spot the feature labelled “music” under the stickers section on the app. Once you click on the feature, you’ll see three different sections, namely, “popular”, “Moods”, and “Genres”. Popular section, as the name suggests, features hit songs from across the world. The “Moods” section consists of ten different moods including fun, upbeat, dreamy, romantic, bold, etc. The “Genres” section gives you a list of all different musical genres to pick from such as hindi, hip hop, rock, pop, latin, et al. Once you select the song of your choice, you are then given an option to resize the lyrics and change its font. Moreover, you can also add the music on Facebook stories as the option is available there too.

If millennials and Gen-Z weren’t making social media insufferable enough already, this feature is going to just up the ante. Just imagine the number of stories you will now view with chart-topping hits accompanying annoying selfie-videos of “kids” in their annoying instagram-friendly street wear. Social media anyway gives people this false celebrity complex that makes them believe that everyone wants to know what they’re up to for every second of their waking lives. Then there is the phenomena of a gazillion social media “influencers” and “models” with their constant, annoying business presence and pretentious insight on things that matter.

It’s great that India eventually catches up to all the tech trends that are in vogue in North America and Europe but we are dreading what this latest music feature is going to do to our feed— cue all the faux motivational, unnecessarily hyped-up, narcissistic, self-involved social media addicts posting on their stories. 

Misery is nigh. Ugh, omg we hate this.