6 Christian Löffler songs you must listen to


German producer Christian Löffler harnesses microsamples, natural ambience and quiet melancholy in his dance music. Also, there’s usually some extra personality and songcraft that sets Löffler apart from the large swath of ambient techno that’s out there. That distinction comes from his poignantly simplistic melodies and deft control of open space. Here are six tracks that will help affirm why he is a notch above the rest.


York tempers that familiar sound with tender strings and a stripped-down composition, and those small differences are helpful to Löffler. This track is simultaneously melancholic and euphoric, its magnificence lies in its atmospheric, almost insomnia-like indulgence

2. Ry

If Hans Zimmer made electronic music, Christian Löffler would be his sound. This track is a testament to his prowess in producing a cinematic dance floor sound. This song feels like you’re spinning around the universe and landing back on earth wrapped in a coat of stardust.

3. Licht

The ancillary, yet almost arbitrary bell-type tones are so reminiscent of wind chimes that this track almost makes you feel like you’re rushing back home. It is heavenly when the harmonies blend in and build up, like you’re cozying into yourself.

4. Feelharmonia (feat. Gry)

It is still summer, we need time for cold winter mornings for this song. But it isn’t chilly in the way you’d expect winters to be, it’s like the warm ray of sunshine that beckons you to your day. It’s hard to imagine such a masterpiece was created in his debut album, “A Forest”, that genius could develop so early.

5. All Comes (feat. Gry)

This is art exemplified by Gry’s beautiful voice. The piano adds to the haunting, almost longing, ache of the song. Its beauty lies in its simplicity, your mind seems to disappear into your body— Löffler weaves magic that you don’t want to be hypnotised out of.

6. Running (feat. Josephine Philip)

An amazing feeling of relief will wash over you when you listen to this song. It doesn’t offer instant gratification but suspends you in tranquility while it plays out its deep, minimal sound. It almost makes you believe you’re experiencing synaesthesia, you can taste the colours that this song makes you feel, you’re discovering uncharted, un-navigated territitories.

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