Six must-listen-to Sansibar tracks


This DJ’s sound is truly transportive, inter-dimensional and cognizant of its times and where it needs to take its listeners. Here are our 6 essential songs by this mysterious maverick.

1. Wallah (SANS DJ Mix)

Helsinki underground to the max! The beats are phat and deliberately so. Released in February this year and part of his White Swan EP, it is techno, acid and Belgian New Beat, all rolled into one and our favourite new mix of the year (so far). 

2. White Swan

The titular track from his EP will give you goosebumps every time you catch its melody kicking in. It’s got elements of 80s intergalactic space themes, and it might just make you believe you’re on an adventure far, far away from this dreadful planet.

3. Ghetto of the Mind

This one so minimal and yet so wholesome it makes you wonder if it wasn’t in fact created by someone, not of this dimension.  It is one of those tracks that is unconventional but perseveres in you loving it.

4. Used to live in Detroit (Boy Toy)

This is the oddest song ever! It samples Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda set to very nostalgic underground Detroit electro beats. It has the charms of a billboard charting song along with the risks and bravado of underground electronica landscapes. It might leave you feeling confused but it will definitely get you grooving.

5. Mandate My Ass

Another track from his latest EP, it is synthy, has elements of EBM and underground 90s electronic, disco sounds. It is hypnotic and dreamy and exudes all sorts of feel-good, come-dance-with-me energy.

6. Meri

This is the least Sansibar track of the lot on this list. While it is still exuberantly electro and space disco-ey, it could almost deceive you to believe that it is a quintessential House track, it starts off with a melancholy melody that quickly transforms into a reverberating acid dance tune. The best kind tracks are those in which you don’t know what to expect, is our honest opinion.