warpcore weekend guide 3.6


Delhi NCR

Sansibar: By manipulating rhythms and frequencies Sansibar turns the intergalactic cosmic rays to a sonic voyage from above to below. Rooted in Helsinki’s DIY punk and metal scene, the release combines tough street-wise electro with ghettotech, Belgian new beat, and Miami bass into a sound which is totally his own. Helping him start the party is Mumbai-based DJ, Potter, who is intent on preserving the true essence of underground sounds. Keeping the focus fixed on hitting a balance between both experimental and club music, blending styles like electro, breaks and techno. Catch them both this Friday, 4 October at Mango Kitchen and Bar. 

Laksa: Laksa is a Bristol artist whose innovative brand of euphoric groovers have been making an impact on dance floors since his early EPs. His hybrid sound effortlessly blurs the lines between breaks, techno and bass, a skill he translates directly into his DJ sets, regularly playing alongside respected DJ’s and producers. Catch him at this month’s Medium Rare party at Auro Kitchen and Bar on Saturday, 5 October.

Peter Cat Recording Co: In celebration of their recently released album Bismillah, PCRC returns with their show ‘Made in India’ at Qla on Sunday, 6 October. This New Delhi- based band who create and record a variety of different music ranging from Gypsy Jazz to Ballroom. Their music acts as a vehicle for crude romantic songs and poetry describing life. Don’t miss this eccentric, soulful band performing their enchanting album this weekend.

Daria Kolsova:  Daria is both a promoter and a resident of the Materia promo group which regularly organizes techno parties in Kiev apart from other cities in Eastern Europe with some major international DJs. She has created ripples with her acid techno sound across various festivals and venues around the world. She makes her India debut in Delhi this week at Auro Kitchen and Bar on Thursday, 3 October.

Dreadsquad: Goa Sunsplash and UnMute present Polish reggae/dancehall/dub producer Dreadsquad with support from New Delhi Global Bass Don, Su Real, along with Diggy Dang of Reggae Rajahs. This party will kickstart your weekend— go-to Summer House Cafe on Friday, 4 October. 

Tim Green: Tim Green’s ability to effortlessly manoeuvre and experiment across the spectrum of electronic music has never been more evident than it is today. Whether putting out reverberating house & techno that sends dance floors into a frenzy or writing radio-friendly alternative pop music under the moniker Invisible Minds, his work is always stamped with fearlessness. He brings his powerful sound to India at Raise The Bar on Friday, 4 October. 

Salt Rock: Salt Rock is a funkadelic rock band from New Delhi. The band started in the ever-growing DU circuit and then they quickly gained a cult following for their fast-paced eccentric music. The band first cut their teeth on the likes of Tool, Led Zeppelin, Snarky Puppy and RHCP and these influences are carefully balanced and blended into an accessible format in their music. Go hop to their beats at Piano Man Jazz Club on Thursday, 3 October.

Outside Delhi NCR

Discopuppet: Red Bull Music Presents Disco Puppet Album Launch Tour, a theatrical performance with sets, visuals, light design and an actor/movement artist, where the performance space with as much a part of the narrative as the music and performer. Aranyer Dinratri, Discopuppet’s third full-length album, is presented in a stream of consciousness format. The tracks flow into one another, weaving a narrative of search, discovery and acceptance. Like most of his previous work, the album remains sonically adventurous, contrasting assiduously crafted moments of tenderness with outright abrasion. The album tour starts in Mumbai at The Habitat on Friday, 4 October after which it travels to Delhi and Bangalore.

Daria Kolosova: Kolosova is the prime example of Kiev techno scene. Not limited to one particular style, she is able to select extraordinary tracks from various electric music genres and put them together to create something new. She brings her gritty techno sounds to Bangalore Kitty Ko, Friday, 4 October and Kitty Su, Mumbai on Saturday, 5 october.

Oliver Winter: UK based electronic music producer and DJ, Oliver Winters has developed his own musical sound, which fuses melodic House, Techno and Ambient. He is inspired by cinematic soundscapes and moving melodies and has carved out his own staple sound in the genre. He plays at the Straight Up Pub in Bangalore on Saturday, 4 October.