Six essential Interstellar Funk tracks


Olf van Elden a.k.a. Interstellar Funk is a Dutch producer whose sound stands out because of its imperfections, its human warmth and its rough charm. Full of timeless melody, both his productions and his DJ sets are daring and thought provoking, bringing together new school sounds with the roots of house and techno, as well as dropping in the occasional new wave along the way. 

House Train

One of his early works, Van Elden drives this sinister track to give you an eerie sensation of spaciousness supported by subtle melody lines bubbling up and touching you right where it matters.

Cable 54

Taken from his genre crossing atmospheric album, “Electric Park Square”, Cable 54 looks to the future with Interstellar Funk’s, otherworldly, industrial sonic grooves.

Caves of Steel (Convextion Remix)

A track so phat it buys 2 seats on a plane. Caves was created in the aftermath of a devastating set by DJ Stingray, and sounds like it: storming but funky, infused with the spirit of classic Detroit techno- Spacetown marries Arpanet and John Carpenter, with a saturnine melody which sticks in the mind. That deep rattling line underneath will give you goosebumps every time.

Androids Know Love Too

Inimitably sci-fi but banging; ‘Androids Know Love Too’ adds a touch of elemental genius from an ambient accomplishment called ‘The Strips’, consolidating the promise of space throughout.

The Strips

A beatless, three-minute track that feels like a trifle but is actually home to some of Van Elden’s most fulsome synth sounds and effects. A dark, electro-influenced stunner that you can’t quite fathom why you like.

No Direction To Spacetown

Van Elden’s dance floor track is more humble, introverted than his other more extroverted work. It’s still got the electro skeleton, but this one is all murmurs and soft bleeps, something low-key for the beginning of a set.