Six essential The Funk District tracks


Mexican producer, Fernando Mendoza A.K.A. The Funk District brings perfect summer energy, despite us bidding adieu to our favourite time of the year— he fills his tracks with just the right amount of nostalgia dominated by perpetual basslines filled with Afro vocals and trumpet riffs making it his tracks intense and energetic. 

  1. Woo Hoo

“Woo Hoo” is exactly what you want to shout out when you listen to this song- you can immediately imagine yourself at a 70s dance party, rightly inebriated and having the time of your life to very fresh, tropical disco.

2. My Woman

If you’re the underground, alternative, disco-loving type and looking for a song to woo your lady into nefarious, nocturnal chambers then this song embodies just the mood to get things to fall into place— it has conga-driven grooves and sticky, sexy basslines for a sound that’s just the right kind of inviting.

3. Soul Vibration

‘Soul Vibration’ arrives with a tropical disco vibe with a rich rhythm section filled with congas, outstanding trumpet solos and catchy vocals to sing along to. 

4. Freaky Stuff

In ‘Freaky Stuff’ The Funk  District drops a tropical funky conga-driven cut with fresh guitars, dominant slaps on the bass section and harmonic vocal chops as a starter. Are all house disco tracks supposed to be this naughty? We reckon yes.

5. Tasty Shakes

‘Tasty Shakes’ comes in the form of a classic vocal gem driven by a dominant bassline and latin piano chords combined in perfection. If you’re not grooving to this, we shall think quite poorly of you.

6. The Electric Funky Bike

‘The Electric Funky Bike’ arrives with fierce trumpet riffs and solos attached to a beefy bass and lots of percussions making it a spectacular,  funky-fuel power infused track ready to to hit the dance floor.