Confused between iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro? Here’s what you should buy


Apple’s new iPhone’s are the most impressive iPhone models in 5 years. They may not represent a major change in design like the iPhone X did in 2017, but the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro mark Apple’s ascendency to mobile photography and also provide a level of understated refinement that Apple’s products have been known for. Both the phones are very good but in India, they are almost miles apart in price points. The is an explainer of what you should end up buying.

You want the latest iPhone but you want to minimise the financial hit?

The answer to this question is simple – get the iPhone 11 which starts at Rs 64,990. It offers a big upgrade over the iPhone XS which itself is a big deal as this phone is quite affordable. You get all the important things — improved battery life, the class-leading performance and a massively upgraded camera system which improves even the portrait mode.

Do you want the phone with the best battery life?

The iPhone 11 Pro models this time around have slightly better battery life over the iPhone 11. The iPhone 11 Pro Max has perhaps the best battery life of the lot, but all three phones have enough battery to last you through a day with heavy usage. The added advantage of the “Pro” models is the 18W fast charger which comes with lightning to USB Type C cord.

Are three cameras on the iPhone 11 Pro a big deal?

No. The third camera is the telephoto lens which offers a 2x zoom. In the last three years, we’ve seen mostly the telephoto lens has been used for “portrait mode”. On the iPhone 11 Pro, the telephoto lens, even though it is perhaps the best one on a smartphone, only offers the added benefit of the cropped portrait view as the ultra-wide-angle camera also provides information for depth. Get the iPhone 11 Pro if you’re crazy about the telephoto lens which provides optical zoom. Otherwise, the iPhone 11 is good enough.

How bad is the display on the iPhone 11 compared to the iPhone 11 Pro?

The iPhone 11 actually has the best LCD screen you get on a smartphone, period. Its resolution is perhaps the only thing that’s inferior to the iPhone 11 Pro because it supports things like HDR 10 on the screen while it also has great brightness levels and contrast ratio. You’ll only want the iPhone 11 Pro display if you’re going to be making music videos on the phone itself or have particularly sharp eyes that can discern individual pixels on Netflix and YouTube videos which technically aren’t full HD, but look sharp and pristine.

Which phone looks better?

While the matte finish on the iPhone 11 Pro is wonderful, it is equally slippery as the iPhone 11 which has a glossy back. On top of that, the odd triple camera stack on the iPhone 11 Pro and added heft over the iPhone XS definitely make this a polarising phone. The midnight green colour isn’t exactly a head-turner too. The colour and familiar design of the iPhone XR seeps through to the iPhone 11 which I believe is the nicer looking phone.

Which is the best size?

It can be argued that the 6.1-inch iPhone 11 provides the best balance between a compact and a large phone. But for some people who want a compact phone, something the iPhone has been known for the iPhone 11 Pro will make more sense given that it also has better battery life than the iPhone 11 now. People who come from big phones like the Galaxy Note or the older iPhone Plus models, the iPhone 11 Pro Max will make the most sense.

Which is the fastest or best iPhone for gaming?

There is no difference in the performance of the three iPhones as they use the same A13 Bionic processor. If anything the iPhone 11 should be slightly faster as it is driving a lower resolution screen which isn’t even the largest one. For a more enriching gaming experience though some may prefer the richer Super Retina XDR panel which has the vividness of an OLED screen. Generally, if you’re into gaming I suggest the iPhone 11 for anyone.