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Best Tuhin Mehta and MiniTech project songs


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As one of the godfathers of the Indian underground music movement, Tuhin Mehta is one of the most coveted electronic acts in the country. He’s old school cool who continues to remain relevant in the current music scene thanks to his unique and primal techno sound. He is a force to be reckoned with and we can’t wait to hear him go back to back with another ambassador of modern techno master hailing from Amsterdam, MiniTech Project. Here are some essential Tuhin Mehta and MiniTech tracks to familiarise yourselves with before you hear them together on .

1.  Sopa by Tuhin Mehta

One of Mehta’s most identifiable tracks, Sopa starts with a dark tone that quickly fades into an almost-cheery groovy song. This 128 BPM track has the dance floor-thumping on the C major scale. It has this fantastic melodic house/tech sound that you can float about to at any time of the day.

2.  Kingpin by Tuhin Mehta

Kingpin is the embodiment of the classic Tuhin Mehta tribal tech sound. It is dance-y in a perfectly rave-y sense. It’s the kind of physical music you expect at an underground electronic rave scene. It’s the type of music to which your body reacts instantly to, and before you know it you’re moving to the tune. It’s all synchronous! 

3. Ravey Gravy by Tuhin Mehta

Mehta’s friends fondly call his music “energiTech” and this song affirms the portmanteau they coined for him. This track is the perfect amalgamation of energetic house and dance techno that is easily beloved on the dance floor. It’s his signature sound. 

4. Jagwar by Tuhin Mehta

This song is as dark as its (misspelt) eponymous animal. It will lead you into uncertain territory only to release unto you the kind of rhythm you can’t help but move your feet to. This song is unlike Mehta as it surprises you in a good way — it starts off as a quintessential Mehta track only to move to a very Detroit electro sound. We love that it’s so unfamiliar but comfortably still industrial.

5. Eating Raw by MiniTech Project

The title aptly describes the track— when you listen to this song it almost feels like you’re consuming raw, digital sounds at 126 BPM. At this pace, you obviously feel nothing but anxiety if you remain still. It is imprecise yet falls into place, a perfect blend of rhythm over the melody with a heavy industrial texture. 

6. Sleepless by MiniTech Project

A rather simplistic techno which has 4/4 beats; percussive elements; dark, moody, industrial instrumentations. It is aggressive in all the ways we love good techno music to be. The only un-techno element is that it is non-conforming to the monotony that we expect in most hard tech music.

7. Steps by MiniTech Project

This is a very alternative, urban techno track which features almost afro-tribal jungle percussion. Produced in the wonderful studios of Qilla records, this electro-techno song is so perfect for the dance floor you can nearly imagine the moments they release the smoke from the smoke machines.

8. Climax by MiniTech Project

What better way to end our list than by listing a song called “Climax”? However, unlike its title, it is anything but— you know the party is at its peak if they’re playing this track. The delays and reverbs on this track give it a fine polish and spaciousness. It is moody, angry, the chord progressions are hypnotic and you know you want to be in a steamy, filthy, dance floor to move to this track. 

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