Six essential Mr. Bill songs


Mr. Bill has been a leader in the audio production world for years. His productions of dazzlingly intricate originals, remixes, and collaborations with other stars of the industry, has made him a pioneer in his own right— the Australian Dj and producer is credited as the forerunner of glitch-hop music. He is known for his highly energetic and crowd-pleasing live performances and we can’t wait for this genius to play in India again with his  ‘F**k U I Mek Bengher’ tour at Delhi’s newest venue, Dontelmama, on Saturday, 9 November.

1. A Simple Song

The title of the song is ironic— for those with a keen ear will be able to tell there is so much going on in this track— it illustrates Mr. Bill’s genius. The beauty of this song is in its simplicity; the acoustic drum programming is so unique sonically that you can’t help but put this song on a loop.

2. 10.8

One of Mr. Bill’s more popular tracks, produced in collaboration with Deadmau5. This song is more art than music, the mastering done on the track is beyond expert. Who would’ve thought that Deadmau5 and Mr. Bill would head into future garage territory? This song combines the musical finesse of both artists to produce a melody that is off-beat yet immersive. We feel blessed when we listen to this track. 

3. Thwek

Thwek is another another Mr. Bill collaboration but this time it is with Virtual Riot. This song is melodic and really enchanting, but it sounds broken up and unpredictable at the same time. For all those who adore vocal chops, this song will please you endlessly. Even by 2019 standards, the 8 against 6 beat rhythm in the second drop is just phenomenal. We would be amiss not to mention the solo synth, crafted with so much ingenuity it makes one wonder if Mr. Bill is from this world at all. 

4. URL

It’s hard to believe this track was produced in 2014 because the production value of Mr. Bill even back then was way ahead of its times. The song evolves so much from beginning to end that it’s pretty much a miniature musical journey in and of itself. The chopped acapella vocals (lent by electronic/dubstep  DJ, producer Fractal) and a surprise Timbo sample make this song ace. Fun fact: this song was supposed to be a remix for ‘Duality’, but Fractal decided to give him the original vocals and Mr. Bill made it an original song.

5. Pish Posh feat. Of The Trees

The sound design on this track is crispy clean with rolling syncopation, a distinct bassline, no distortion— it is an effortless display of Mr. Bill’s production prowess. The outro of the song is as red as a celebration. And there is such a minimalist arpeggio in the song, you might fail to notice it, but it will stay with you. The song so nice you need to hear it twice. 

6. Estrogin & Tonic

A collaboration with acclaimed producer, Tom Cosm, this song has so much graceful complexity with clarity. This song almost makes you believe you might have synesthesia— visuals and colours come alive when you listen to it. It almost sounds like a glitchy rendition of Frank Zappa’s ‘Jazz from hell’- the production quality, mixing, the drum work and composition of this is outstanding. This is a sonically incredible song that remains with you long after you’ve stopped listening to it, it’s eerie.