Wireless charging is useless: Try using VOOC on the Realme X2 Pro

Oppo's VOCC Supercharger

One of the tentpole features of the new Realme X2 Pro is its VOOC 50-watt supercharging which has been developed by Oppo. It charges your phone so quickly which will really make you think why brands like Samsung, Huawei and now more recently Apple have been pursuing a fools-errant in wireless charging.

Oppo has been developing its VOOC fast charging technology for at least 5 years. In fact, VOOC is the basis for warp charge on the OnePlus smartphones which has proven to be popular. But when you use this new 50-watt VOOC supercharger on the new Realme X2 Pro, you’ll know wireless charging is not future and you should not want it as a headline feature while selecting a smartphone.

1. The Realme X2 Pro doesn’t have a small battery. This phone has a freaking 4,000mAh battery which charges in about 45 minutes. Hitting 50% happens in less than half of this time. This means you could have zero charges on this phone and you could be in a rush to reach office, by the time you’re done with your shower, you’re at 60% charge which alone is going to be enough to last you a day.

2. Since VOOC is based on USB Type C you can hook it up to other phones – basically, all Android phones sold these days. Sure, it will not hit VOOC speeds, but at least you’re going to be charging the phones and that too pretty rapidly.

3. If you happen to use a OnePlus phone which is based on warp charge, this fast charger will give you faster charge speeds as basically the technology is the same. Since there are a lot of OnePlus phones around, this technology can be very handy.

4. This is not its zenith – Oppo even has a 65-watt supercharger which can go even faster. Imagine the speed at which you’re going to be charging the phone. Xiaomi has also developed a 100-watt faster charger – it is quite clear, this is the way forward. Heck, with the Galaxy Note 10+ even Samsung developed a 45-watt fast charger which can be had for some extra cash.

5.  One of the cool things about VOOC charging is that it doesn’t overheat the phone’s battery and it doesn’t diminish the life of the battery which has been one of the arguments against fast charging. For instance, Apple for the longest time has argued that slow 5-watt charging is the best way to charge your phone’s battery. 2019 was the first time they bundled an 18-watt USB PD fast charger.

Once you use this 50-watt fast charger on the Realme X2 Pro, there is no going back, literally. And wireless charging will look like this archaic technology which technically isn’t even real as you still need to have a charging pad.