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Best Gigs in Delhi NCR

Magnetic Fields Festival 2019 Official Post Party:  Auro Kitchen and Bar, fills its space with a Techno brigade of who’s who in electronic music on the 18th in Delhi. The lineup features Daniel Avery, Deena Abdelwahed, HAAi, Nazira, Violet and DJ Plead. In a nutshell, this is the biggest party of the month in Delhi if you’re a fan of intelligent electronic music — a mix of world class techno, disco and house can be heard this wednesday, so do make sure you’re getting your tickets. 

The Piano Man presents Incognito: On the 19th, Piano Man Gurugram will play host to Incognito, a quartet of talented musicians who play everything from pop, fusion and rock.  

The Piano Man presents Green and Blue: On the 20th, Piano Man Gurugram invites the talented duo of Green and Blue. Made up of Mukul Jiwnani and Tyesha Kohli play out the odd chemistry of opposite music influence for some R&B, pop, classic rock and even soul, all with a unique touch of their own.          

Summer House Café presents 9Lives & Secular Chai: You weren’t expecting warpcore to leave you alone for the weekend, were you? Well…too bad! Secular Chai, PLUS and 9Lives head to Summer House Cafe in Delhi on the 20th, to bring the house down. Of course, this also means a night of full-on happy electronic music be it 9Lives and his brand of euphoric and uplifting house music with a touch of melodic techno or be Secular Chai’s penchant for Nu-disco topped up with the killer dynamism of PLUS on opening duties. 

Raw Live and Pagal Haina Present Lifafa + Hashback Hashish + D80: Lifafa aka Suryakant Sawhney tests the boundaries of electronic music, experimenting with his unique take on melody and cadence. Hashback Hashish is known for his unreal basslines and his brand of eerie minimal techno. D80 meanwhile, explores the various forms of disco and melding them with electronic music using synthesisers and analogue equipment. The three of them storm Auro Kitchen and Bar in Delhi on the 21st.   

Ownage x Nightvibe present Kohra, SHFT & Praveen Achary: Nightvibe and Ownage Entertainment team up to bring a heavyweight line-up of who’s who in electronic music. Catch, Kohra, SHFT and Praveen Achary banging some ragers on the 20th at Le Meridien in Gurugram. You don’t get a bigger and rarer line-up featuring some of the stalwarts of the Indian electronic music scene transcending techno, electro, house and progressive genres. 

SoundTank #1YearAnniversary ft Blackstratblues: When It’s Time Tour 2019: The legendary Blackstratblues head to Auro Kitchen and Bar in Delhi on the 19th to drink you down with a bottle of sorrow. The solo project of Warren Mendonsa (best known for his work with rockers Zero) and his distinctly recognisable playing and tone. He blends his influences like Beatles, Queen or Gary Moore into a soup of hot takes and spicy riffs.

Best Gigs outside Delhi NCR

Dance OK Please 080: B.R.E.E.D (DJ Set), Makin’ Bacon & Manin’: A mid-week brand brought to you by Social x Krunk, Mumbai’s Khar Social invites the talented avant-garde music duo B.R.E.E.D consisting of Ritesh D’Souza and Tara Mae, their high-energy, spirited electronica promises to keep you grooving. Providing a generous dose of classic house, disco, funk and breaks, Makin’ Bacon aka Roycin will keep the night going and Manin, with his unique futuristic beats, will play you out for the night.  

Levi’s Lounge x 4/4 Experiences present Fuzzculture + BamBoy: On the 19th, Fuzzculture brings his unique combination of rock and disco to Levi’s Lounge in Lower Parel, Mumbai. Bamboy will then keep things going with murky basslines and groovy samples. 

The Lab Mumbai: BLOT!, SEQU3L and OSE:  Showcasing some of the most exciting talents in electronic music, Mixmag and BUDX partner to put the talents of BLOT!, SEQU3L and OSE on the floor in antiSOCIAL on the 19th. BLOT!’s big boomy bass lines are well-known in the community, he mixes warm deep house and techno to give him a unique sound. SEQU3L will play out his melodic house and techno grooves and OSE will showcase her electronic diversity.      

Rising Dust Live in Mumbai: Rising Dust has been busy proving their commitment to a unique, high-energy and spiritual sound. They bring their soundscapes to Kitty Su in Mumbai on the 20th. 

Maribou State (DJ Set): The talented English electronic duo Maribou State come on over to antiSOCIAL in Mumbai on the 20th. Their sound is an amalgamation of indie rock coupled with the energy of house and glitchy electronic music. Having done remixes for the likes of Alpines and Lana Del Rey, Chris Davids and Liam Ivory promise to bend the crowd to their will. 

Disconnect x Black Sheep present Asquith: Go on over to The Little Door in Bandra on the 20th to catch Asquith as he spins his yarn using his own version of ‘lo-fi’ house.  

Audio Units + Shreyas_ // .fri: On the 20th, Audio Units head down to The Park in Bangalore with Shreyas in tow. The brother-duo of Audio Units have released globally recognised art with groundbreaking hybrid, vinyl and DJ Sets across various places in the world. Shreyas keeps the groove going with his unique blend of hypnotic, deep and atmospheric tonalities with darker and more musically inclined melodic phrases.  

KRANK BLR 2019 FEATURING ALEX STEIN, CITIZEN KAIN & OTHERS: Before heading out to Goa for its flagship 4-day boutique festival, Krank brings a sampler of its super cool vibes at Palace Grounds in Bangalore on the 20th and 21st. The lineup includes heavy hitters Alex Stein, Citizen Kain, Shaun Moses and Vinayak^a with supporting acts Govind TC and Sidvicious.  

gaana presents Supermoon ft Prateek Kuhad Winter Tour co powered by Skoda: Zee Live’s Supermoon plays host to Prateek Kuhad who kicks off a worldwide winter tour, scheduled to play in 8 cities across the world. Prateek will play his blend of adventurous, cinematic music that led him to be called “one of the country’s leading singer-songwriters” by Rolling Stone India. He will perform at Manpho Convention Center in Bangalore on the 20th.      

Foxtrot Presents – Midival Punditz (DJ set): Celebrating the launch of the globally heralded Midivial Punditz aka Gaurav Raina and Tapan Raj, Foxtrot in Koramangala invites you to experience the duo’s blend of Indian instruments and electronic music. Supporting them would be Untitled One. 

KITTY KO PRESENTS KHEN: Khen is the next big thing from the electronic hotbed of Israel. He arrives at Kitty Ko in Bangalore on the 20th to get you on the dance floor with his roaring techno and house beats.  

The Tao Deep Fridays with Nick Muir (Bedrock) & Milano: The Tao Terraces in Bangalore makes way for Bedrock legend Nick Muir with Milano on warm-up duties. He arrives on the 20th.

OMIKI at Hylife: Omiki is a Progressive Trance Project by Omri Amar. Regarded as one of the most recognisable names in Psy-trance, Amar has collaborated with the likes of Skazi, Berg, Pop Art and Basscannon among many others. He is going to perform at the HyLife brewing company in Hyderabad on the 21st.      

+91: The Comeback Ft. Smokey The Ghost + Arshaq Malik & 47K: Smokey The Ghost, Arshaq Malik and 47K hit the Rasta Cafe in Bangalore with Hip-hop, dance and Experimental Hip Hop on the 21st. 

Krunky Monkey Saturdays 15: Anushka & Kayan.a: Anushka and Kayan.a combine to explore musical landscapes in the language of heavy bass, house, techno, dance and future bass. They hit Monkey Bar Mumbai on the 21st. 

Vh1 Supersonic Pre-Party ft. Gurbax: Having shared the stage with the likes of Wiz Khalifa, Gurbax brings his patented bangers like “Boom Shankar” and “Aatank” to Foxtrot Marathali in Bangalore on the 21st. 

Area59 ft. DJ Uri, Solrak & DJ Ashtrix / 21st Dec / CloudNYN.: Live at Sterling MAC hotel in Bangalore on the 21st, DJ Uri, Solrak and DJ Ashtrix bring the house down with some searing club bangers. 

ScarFest 2019: If electronic isn’t your deal, then we at warpcore urge you to reconsider. We are also willing to ease you into electronica…with a heavy dose of Metal, of course. Catch Gutslit, Zygnema, Primitiv and The Light Years Explode on the 22nd and 23rd at antiSOCIAL in Mumbai.  

Red Bull Presents Spacelabs Launch: Red Bull has you covered. If you are in Bangalore on the 22nd, head to Hyatt Centric at Bangalore for an array of local and international talent. The line-up includes the likes of Asquith, Kohra, Soulspace, Unnayanaa and many more.