6 essential Blackstratblues tracks


The brainchild of Warren Mendoza – known for his work with the awesome band Zero – Blackstratblues is an exploration of ironically, more than just blues. Dipping their toes into psychedelic and straight forward rock, they embrace both melancholy and celebration.  

Here are six great tracks to put on, when you check these guys out: 

Bombay Rain: Propelled by a skeletal six-string figure before the band kicks in, Bombay Rain captures the loneliness and melancholy of a rainy day perfectly. Mendoza’s chops are on full display here, with tasty licks, melodies and of course, some phenomenal lead work. 


Anuva’s Sky: Probably one of the group’s most popular songs, this acoustic-driven ballad is strangely poignant and celebratory, almost as if it was crafted with remnants of a memory. If you like vintage ‘Flying In A Blue Dream’ Satriani, you will love this.   


Blues for Gary: This track swaggers with the heart and rhythm of a classic blues downer. Perfect for those long nights with nothing but you, the stereo and some blues. 


Nights in Shining Karma: Probably the most eerily beautiful and poignant tracks the band has written. As for feel, it’s back to bittersweet melancholy like when you take a bite of an oreo and it has no filling. 


Incense: This track is propelled by its sheer atmosphere rather than technicality. Mendoza peppers the composition with tasteful licks and leads, making something that stays with you longer than its 1:16 runtime.


The Cat & The Fiddle: A good ol’ dose of classic blues ‘n’ roll that packages everything from Stevie Ray Vaughn to Steve Vai in one wholesome track.