Prateek Kuhad’s Cold/Mess makes Barack Obama’s 2019 playlist


With nearly 5 million views on YouTube, folk-pop artist Prateek Kuhad’s song “Cold/Mess” made it almost everyone’s playlist since it was uploaded in December last year. While that is a massive achievement for any artist, Kuhad ends 2019 with a shoutout from former US President Barack Obama, who named the song in his annual playlist. 

Sharing mind space with names like Frank Ocean, Beyonce and Alicia Keys is special and Kuhad’s response was understandably ecstatic. 

Jim Sarbh, best known for his roles in Padmavaat, Sanju and the Amazon Prime original Made in Heaven starred in the music video for the song along with Zoya Hussain. 

The popular video for the song was also recut into another music video for Kuhad’s “Into the Night” which was cobbled together using extra shots from the shoot for “Cold/Mess”. 

“Cold/Mess” talks about a relationship that pushes and pulls in equal measure. It’s about beautiful moments that prelude the storm, it’s about the process of holding someone close till you realise it’s time to let them go. It’s about the little things that are ingrained in your hearts, some that you will carry to your grave. It’s a song about the hope and misery of love. 

The music ebbs and flows with the lyrics and Kuhad’s sombre almost painful croons illustrate the despair and intensity of the relationship. The music video itself if extremely poignant and expressive, matching the lyrics effortlessly. 

Maybe this isn’t as big as winning a grammy but getting name-dropped by the former president of the United States of America isn’t hurting too much either. Godspeed Prateek Kuhad and here’s to an even bigger mess in 2020.