6 Essential TRIKK Tracks


Hailing from Portugal, TRIKK’s music is a little tough to describe. The beats pulsate at a steady rhythm while small melodies appear and disappear amidst a wash of synths and other percussions. His music is cinematic with aural soundscapes eliciting melancholy, dread and beauty in equal measures.  

Do you see why I said it’s tough to tell you what his music is like? 

The best way to introduce TRIKK is through his music, speaking of which here are six tracks that you must listen to. 

Vilara: Like most TRIKK tracks, Vilara starts with the beat. You are eased into the track with a slow plodding rhythm accompanied by an almost bouncy synth line. Pay attention and you will notice another small synth line building up in the background. Eventually, we are greeted by some percussion hits that build into the song’s dark and moody melody line. 

Proto-Rhyt – Black Version: Another mood piece, Proto-Rhyt feels like being stuck in a chase scene in a film. This high-energy track uses every “Trikk” in the book from pulsating synths to dark almost industrial beats and eerie keyboard stabs. 

Devila: Beautiful melodies interlock over a steady beat and an uptempo bassline to create a high-energy groove starter with a hook that will burrow its way in your head. 

Kunu: A track with an invasive tribal rhythm set to flowing synth lines and a bouncy main melody that feels like it resides right on the edges of the groove’s pocket. The main tribal rhythms build into the song’s eerie synth hook. 

Concerto: A new track off the 2019 Facas EP, Concerto plays to all of Trikk’s strengths. It’s got a steady beat, moody soundscapes and almost cinematic keyboard washes that hold it together. His trademark bouncy melody lines are here too, so is his ability to craft memorable hooks. 

Marazul: This track fakes you out with a simplistic beat at the start before it builds and slowly plays its cards. The beat is joined by some percussion and bass not long after, then the main hook reveals itself. This might be one of the best hooks in his catalogue and that’s saying a lot.