Pioneer DJ launches the DJM-V10 6-channel Professional DJ Mixer


Pioneer DJ has launched the DJM-V10, a mixer that enables artists to craft formidable sonic landscapes. Made specifically for the live musicians, the new 6-channel mixer enables artists to connect CDJs, turntables and various line-in sources to the mixers 6 channels. It also comes with a 4-band EQ to tailor the sound to suit one’s needs. 

The DJM-V10 supports studio-quality 64-bit mixing, dithering processing and comes with 32-bit A/D and D/A converters with a low-jitter clock circuit to recreate the full audio spectrum with full low-ends, mids and precise highs. 

The mixer comes with an expanded send/return section that allows external FX and combinations with built-in FX, expanding the sound vocabulary of an artist. There is also a 3-band master isolator that has new boost/cut curves and several adjustments to crossover frequencies and other parameters. 

DJM-V10 also supports dual headphones output and booth EQs for easy back-to-back monitoring. There are also compressors for every single channel. This helps boost the sound of older/unmastered songs while having a minimal effect on mastered music. 

For DVS control, the DJM-V10 supports rekordbox, Serato DJ Pro and TRAKTOR PRO 3. The mixer also has a lockable power cable, is DJM-REC compatible which means your mixes can be recorded using an iPhone or iPad and uploaded to cloud services or live-streamed. The DJM-V10 has support for the extended PRO DJ LINK ShowKontrol protocol which allows artists to use information such as “fader and knob positions, to align sound and visuals to create shows.”

Availability for the DJM-V10 starts in February 2020 and the unit is priced at $3,199.