6 Essential EdOne Tracks


EdOne’s music is both personal and collaborative, with a meat and potatoes melodic techno bed that is ripe for some experimentation. With an equal dose of restraint and absolution, EdOne draws on atmosphere and has a knack for expertly crafting bangers and skeletal mood pieces alike. 

Here are six tracks that you must listen to: 

In the Shadow: Like it’s namesake, In the Shadow uses subtle synths and bouncy motif’s to invoke a feeling of mystery or a grand adventure. Tribal percussions and modern drum-machines shake hands precariously over a sombre melody that slowly builds to a crescendo, like an end to an epic journey. 

Aerial: Subdued beats and noises slowly give way to a grooving bassline that is the main hook of the song. The rest of Aerial builds on that solid foundation with more synth wizardry and samples that drive it to its conclusion. Midway through, a subdued keyboard melody builds in intensity before its swallowed whole by the burgeoning, thick bassline. 

Time to Wait: A string section and a melancholic piano lead introduce this atmospheric mood piece. The string section serves as the rhythmic bedlam over which piano figures dance and intertwine and just when you think there is light at the end of the tunnel, sinister cellos and dark sounds break the melody in two and end the track. 

Anthem: A collaboration between EdOne, Teenage Mutants and Bodden, this track shifts between heavily modified vocal melodies and some atmospheric bell work before being taken over by almost industrial sounding drum machines. The manipulated vocal hook is recycled through the song but isn’t overused and never forcing itself over the oppressive mood.  

Do It – Original Mix: EdOne and Bodden headline another collaboration with more manipulated vocal melodies but this time with a more positive, upbeat vibe. This is an out and out banger with a delicious groove and a techno breakdown in the middle that gives way to an even bigger groove. 

Bipolar – Original Mix: Another groove starter with a fiery bassline that kicks things off. The song has a main melody that gives off an almost “middle-eastern” vibe along with shaker and tambourine samples that mesh with the electronic beats. The “jumpy” synth melody pins just beneath the mayhem, rounding off the track.