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Best Gigs in Delhi NCR

Kidnap: Bought to you by your friendly neighbourhood pals at Warpcore, Matt Relton, aka Kidnap consistently releases music that through the use of vocals, intricate percussion and melodies is known to conjure up emotions. He knows the importance of each and every sound. Warpcore invites you to come check out some interesting and unique music live at Auro Kitchen and Bar on the 2nd.  

Hamza Rahimtula & Deep Brown:  Warpcore’s going big this week, our second joint stars the pioneer of the House music scene in India, Hamza’s innovative sound is inspired by his life in India and travels abroad. He is joined by Deep Brown, hailing from one of India’s most musically attuned cities, Kolkata, he has been delivering to the dance floor a palette of grooves that emerge from the Chicago house and, Detroit techno era. Together, they wreak havoc at The Hong Kong Club on the 31st. 

Aswekeepsearching: A home studio project by Uddipan Sarmah & Shubham Gurung, Asekeepsearching is an indie band that has toured around the globe and has won people over with a fresh sound culled from a wide variety of inspirations and instruments such as tabla and sitar. They perform live at AMPM cafe and bar in cyber hub on the 30th.  

Exos & dotdat: A meeting of the minds both international and local, Exos hails from Iceland and is known for his versatility in the field of techno. dotdat is a rising force in the Indian techno scene from Pune. Together, they collaborate for a night of unadulterated techno on the 30th at Auro Kitchen and Bar. 

Dj SKIP Cinema सिनेमा A/V Set: DJ Skip’s Audio x Visual creations are what truly define him as an artist. The synergy within his music and visuals create an experience not to be missed, his aim is to give you more than just music to dance to. Witness the set at Hauz Khas Social on the 31st. 

Traffic Jam: Traffic Jam is a four-piece hailing from northeast India that strives to pay tribute to the Rock Gods and Anthems they grew up with. They perform live at Monkey Bar in Delhi on the 31st. 

Praveen Achary B2B Vinayak^a: Warpcore’s still in the New Year mood as it brings out two of the best to rock your socks off. Praveen’s mix-sets are a testament to his adaptability and cohesion of his musical influences. A unique combination of ‘Deep, Tech and Progressive House’, his style has always gained him a lot of appreciation by fellow artists & fans alike. Known for his raw, spontaneous and immensely powerful sets, Vinayak^a is a master at weaving a diverse medley of sounds. These two join forces at Molecule Air Bar in Delhi on the 31st to bring the house down.  

Todh Teri (Live) & Tasnneem: Todh Teri reimagines the era of disco & cabaret from Bollywood with house, acid & funk infusions. Tasnneem plays an eclectic mix of Jazz, Funk, Nu-Disco, Deep House and Techno. Catch them live at Summer House Cafe in Delhi on the 31st. 

Kindzadza & Psykovsky: Psy Legends Kindzadza and Psykovsky join forces to trip you out like only they can with a promise to let you see a higher plane of existence. They are live at Unplugged Courtyard on the 1st. 

Akcent Performing Live: Akcent is a Romanian singer act whose members sing in Romanian, English and Spanish. They are known for their chart-topping songs and will perform live at Imperfecto Shor on the 1st. 

Redroom Sessions x Kamp1: Inspired by leading electronic music sessions like Boiler Room & Mixmag, Redroom aims for deep house vibes complemented by a line-up of artists like Uday Dass, Trafficc, Zequenx, Shireen and Quark laying down the best in Deep House, Nu-Disco, Chillout, Funk, Future Bass and Techno. The Sessions start at Kamp1 School of Music on the 1st. 

Chris Liebing + B.Traits: Chris Liebing’s is known for his fast and unrelenting Techno sets, with his music always straying off the beaten path. B.Traits sets range from house to techno to electro, and everything in between. Catch them at Kitty Su in Delhi on the 2nd. 

Peter Schumann and David Dorad: Two powerhouses from the Techno Mecca of Berlin visit India to groove you out in style. They perform live at Auro Kitchen and Bar on the 1st looking to recreate the magic of KaterBlau, one of the best underground clubs in Germany. 

Best Gigs outside Delhi NCR

Control ALT Delete 12: The popular “pay what you want” festival is back for its latest edition in Mumbai. The two-day event has a killer line-up spread out over five stages. Bandish Projekt, Chromaderma, Excess, Poddar, Ankur Tewari, Blakc and many more grace the stages this year. 

Sula Fest: India’s first vineyard music festival is back with a line-up of artists spread out over two days to groove you out. This year Hot Chip comes out to India, My Baby, Salim Sulaiman promise ragers, The Local Train gets you humming and many more popular acts come together for a one of a kind experience.  

Kidnap, SickFlip, Sixth Ocean: Kidnap goes to Mumbai to showcase his unique sound, Sarvesh Srivastava as his alter ego SickFlip mixes clam and serene, melodic tunes with bass-heavy chest-rattling soundscapes and Sixth Ocean is a melodic tech-house artist hailing from Mumbai. Catch them at antiSOCIAL in Mumbai on the 31st.

Chris Liebing + B.Traits in Mumbai: Before visiting Delhi, Chris Liebing and B.Traits groove Mumbai at The Lalit on the 31st. 

Film & Raketka: Sanil Sudan aka FILM combines elements of House and Techno with sonic landscapes influenced by a range of styles like Hip-Hop, Jungle and even Pop. He dabbles in everything from the abstract to straight-up bangers. Raketa’s brand of minimal house and Techno has won her fans all over the globe. They join forces at Bonobo in Mumbai on the 31st. 

Exos + Shash & Chaz: After his trip to Delhi, Exos heads to Bangalore to join up with Shash and Chaz, who encompass lush atmospheres, vivacious bass lines and a tonality that leans towards the more moody, melodic and dark spectrum. Catch them Aqua The Park on the 31st. 

Midival Punditz & The Untitled One: The Punditz are renowned for exceptional live sets, blending electronica with live percussion, vocals and Indian elements like the flute and tabla. They visit Foxtrot Koramangala to celebrate the launch of their new EP with support from The Untitled One on the 31st.  

SUNKEN2020: A two-day Techno festival filled with an intriguing audio-visual experience with a plethora of unique themes, beautifully designed sets and mesmerising light effects. The line-up features Ankytrixx, Del Horno, Brown Coat and many more.  

Peter Schumann in Bangalore: Before he joins up with his Techno brother David Dorad in Delhi, Peter Schumann visits Bangalore for a solo set on the 31st at Kitty KO. 

African Acid is the Future: Global electronic music stalwart, Dauwd will be joined by the combined forces of Maryama Luccioni for an acid-drenched trip down the lesser trodden avenues of electronic music. They perform live at antiSOCIAL in Mumbai on the 1st.