Six songs to remember Parikrama’s axeman Sonam Sherpa by


Tragedy struck late last week as India mourned the passing of Parikrama’s lead axeman, Sonam Sherpa.

Sherpa was from the West Bengal hill town of Kalimpong and along with Subir Malik, founded one of India’s biggest rock bands in the early ’90s. Parikrama has proved crucial to rock history in India, forging the way for countless bands and inspiring countless others. Widely praised as one of the best guitarists in India, Sonam also taught at the Parikrama School of Music – established in 2003 – to bring the joy of music to a new generation. 

What better way to honor the legacy of Sonam Sherpa than by his music. Here are six songs in remembrance of the great Parikrama axeman. 

Tears of The Wizard: Ominous cymbals and a big Black Sabbath-esque riff kick off this track that is easily the band at its heaviest. Sherpa holds the fort down with immaculate riffing while Nitin Malik croons The Lord of the Rings inspired lyrics. Power Metal, Fantasy and just a touch of Deep Purple to savour. 

In the Middle: One of Parikrama’s older tracks, the band channel their inner AC/DC on this one, with a killer opening riff and some great leadwork by Sherpa for the solo break. 

Vapourize: A high-energy good ol’ fashioned straight rock attack with some awesome twin lead work throughout. This is a ram head to the heart of the blues filled with tasty leads and bends over a frantic bassline and a solid drum beat. 

I Believe (feat. Agnee and Shilpa Rao): Recorded for the show ‘The Dewarists’, Parikrama collaborate with another classic band Agnee and playback singer Shilpa Rao to produce a bi-lingual soul crusher about peace and love. Watch out for some tasty slide guitar work by Sherpa. 

Rhythm N Blues (feat. Usha Uthup): Another collaboration, this time with the legendary Usha Uthup for Channel V’s Jammin that saw the two icons conjure up some hellish blues mixed with some in your face rock. 

But It Rained: The all-time classic and the one which needs no introduction. “But It Rained” has remained Parikrama’s defining moment and Sherpa’s beautiful solo melts the heart away. A song to remember the icon by.