Why you should buy the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra from abroad


Samsung’s Galaxy S20 set the world alight a couple of weeks ago when it was launched. The main highlight of these new Galaxy smartphones was the new camera system especially on the S20 Ultra having the space zoom feature. However, there are some legitimate reasons why people should but Samsung’s latest flagship from abroad instead of India. 

  • Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, many reports claim that the launch of the Galaxy S20 Ultra will be delayed in India. So if you want the latest and greatest, then you may have to import it from the states. 
  • The US version of the Galaxy S20 Ultra will have the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor instead of the Exynos 990 which will be there in the India units. This means the US units will probably get better battery life and better performance. 
  • The US version of the phone will get 5G connectivity as the Qualcomm’s X55 modem is a must with the Snapdragon 865. Now, this doesn’t count for much in India, but you may see better modem performance for 4G as well which will be a boon. Gig 
  • In India, Samsung may not launch the hulking 16GB RAM version so if you want the bragging rights for the highest RAM in a smartphone, then you may need to go to the states. Even for the standard versions, Samsung has only announced 8GB RAM for the India models of the S20. 
  • The cameras could be better on the US models because of the ISP in the Snapdragon 865. In the US, Samsung is also known to use Sony sensors as opposed to Samsung sensors in India for the cameras. This combination could give the US version a minor advantage. 

Apart from this, it goes without saying, the S20 Ultra is more or less the same phone in India and the US so if you buy it from abroad you’re probably forgoing on the warranty for the device.