Friends reunion on HBO Max: Everything you should know


Whether its the classic theme song by The Rembrandts or the tabloid hounding the cast was subjected to post their final goodbyes on friends, everyone has something they remember the sitcom by. The question “If there would ever be an 11th season?” has slowly faded and morphed into “Will we ever see the original cast again?”…Well…kind of. 

HBO Max has confirmed plans that the original cast will return albeit for an “untitled unscripted special” that will be exclusive to the streaming service. That term makes it clear that this isn’t a new one-off episode or hints at a new season. This seems like a reunion in the classic sense, with the cast invited over to relive memories from the show. The series’ creators and the executive producers have also confirmed they will be part of the special. 

As per Variety, the stars are all set to earn a cool $2.5 million for the special. HBO Max is also now the one-stop-shop for everything “friends” and will include all the seasons of the show along with the special. 

HBO is playing its cards very smartly here going after one of the most-watched shows in television history, it’s done really well on the streaming circuit too and has notched quite a lot of views through its countless reruns. 

That’s the thing about friends, it has never really left the pop culture psyche. The world has moved on, the cast has gotten older but they have never really shed their friend’s personas. To every fan, there is a still a Chandler or Monica among them.