Why Samsung’s Galaxy S20 Plus will be hard to beat


Samsung’s new smartphones are impressive. That’s normal but the fact that these new Galaxy smartphones are impressive is doubly important for Samsung this year. The more important thing is the fact that Samsung has finally made a major leap in imaging which has been an area of weakness for the company for the last three years. And now that this phone has been launched in India, it is important to understand why this particular Galaxy will be hard to beat.

  • The design is impeccable. It is slim, well built and compact for its massive size. Its 6.7-inch also extends right to the edges and Samsung has gotten rid of the curved-screen on the edges which makes this phone very usable for a big-screen smartphone. 
  • The display itself is a delightful phone. It wouldn’t be hyperbolic to call this the best ever screen to have graced a smartphone. It has a quad HD resolution but more importantly, it has a 120Hz refresh rate a 240Hz touch response rate. No matter what anyone does with a flat display, it’s very unlikely any other phone manufacturer will be able to beat the Galaxy S20 Plus in terms of screen quality. 
  • Samsung has more importantly stepped up its camera game. Improvements are generational. The Galaxy S20 Plus just out of the box takes better photos than both the iPhone 11 Pro or the Google Pixel 3. It also takes super stable 4K video at 60 frames per second and it can even escalate that to 8K. But this is just scratching the surface as there is the new zoom technology and stuff that we are yet to find. And I’m not even talking about the Ultra version of this phone. 
  • So far, the battery life on this phone seems sorted. I mean the battery is pretty huge at 4,500mAh but it also holds up pretty well despite the 120Hz refresh rate. It also charges rapidly considering its 45-watt fast charger and it supports wireless charging and wireless reverse charging. It is a solid one-day battery life phone. 
  • The performance is flawless which is a first for a Samsung phone in a while. While they always are known for throwing the kitchen sink and more in their devices, this phone actually holds up to the hype with clean software and rapid performance which is great for gamers and productivity junkies alike. 
  • Huawei’s problems also help Samsung. Perhaps the only company in the recent past has shown a propensity to out Samsung, Samsung at its own game is Huawei. Considering their phones have been crippled by the US ban which rids their phones of Google’s apps and the Play Store, the Galaxy S20 is well placed to take advantage. 

This phone also provides a better balance between the gargantuan Ultra and the compact S20, while providing all the core benefits of this phone. At Rs 73,990, this is Samsung’s best flagship yet in a while and boy it will be a hard one to beat.