warpcore recommends 5.7


Vridian B2B with Jay Pei: Vridian and Jay Pei are quite the odd duo, Vridian mixes everything from Deep House to Melodic Techno with a little smattering of free form Electronica on top. Jay Pei is obsessed with atmosphere, carving a unique sound for himself with cinematic flourishes and dense melodies riding on top of an equally eerie bedrock. They take to the stage at Mic Drop in Delhi on the 27th. 

Helena Hauff and Aisha Devi:  The German-born Helena Hauff is a producer and DJ that is known for her unique “stripped-down style of techno” that draws inspiration from EDM, Acid and Industrial Music. Aisha Devi’s unique sound draws from every electronica style in existence leaning heavily on the shoulders of avant garde, ambient and many more styles cherry-picked to suit her mood. Her sets oscillate between pure mayhem and calm sedation, picking at your brain and putting you in the zone. They take over Auro Kitchen and Bar in New Delhi on the 27th.    

Bhish, Chhabb, Manali and Elm: warpcore’s got something special up its sleeve come the 28th at The Hong Kong Club in Aerocity. There’s going to be a killer line-up featuring Bhish, Chhabb and Manali with our very own Elm opening the party. Don’t say we aren’t good to you!

Rauschhaus: Rauschhaus’ music is as tough to describe as his name is hard to pronounce. He triangulates his beats with precision, forming a solid base upon which both dreary and dreamy reside. The music is awash with a thick atmosphere and impenetrable (at first) patterns. Witness his magic at Raise The Bar in Gurgaon on the 29th.

Midival Punditz: The legendary Midivial Punditz need no introduction. Gaurav Raina and Tapan Raj are bringing back their legendary Live Set at Home in New Delhi, with a stellar line-up including their top Artists on the 29th. 

warpcore & friends ft. Divij Kaul, Ali Burrni, Aamish, Kaamin: warpcore’s hosting a sundowner with all our friends taking over the Raasta terrace on the 29th with some fun music intersecting ambient electronic, deep house, and some raging melodic techno in true warpcore style. A bunch of our friends are playing who also happen to be some of the best DJs around. The line-up includes Divij Kaul, Ali Burrni, Aamish, Kaamin. 

Kiko: Kiko is a prolific artist with more than 500 tracks to his name, a lot of fruitful collaborations and plays Tech-house and deep house with an eclectic pool of influences to draw from. He performs live at Tease in Gurgaon on the 29th.  

N*Hilate: warpcore resident N*Hilate spins his polished and skilled grooves like only he can. He can seamlessly warp between genres and styles at the drop of a hat while maintaining the beat at the heart of the dancefloor. His smooth chops are on display at Auro Bar and Kitchen in New Delhi on 1st March.   

Best Gigs outside Delhi NCR
Swadesi: Multi-lingual hip hop group Swadesi celebrate the launch of their debut “Chetavni” the only way they know how – by dropping some sick bars over a beat. Head on over to antiSOCIAL in Mumbai on the 26th to catch them live. 

Ahmer and Raka: What do you get when you get a prolific rapper from Kashmir and a heavy heating bangalore based DJ with a penchant for tight snares and big drums? You get mayhem, the kind where truth bombs and mic’s are dropped over a sick beat. Head on over to Foxtrot in Koramangala, Bangalore on the 26th to find out just how loud it can get. 

Ahmer and Lacuna: After a night of big beats with Raka, Ahmer settles into a different groove with Lacuna whose sound dwells in the realm of experimental electronic music borrowing immensely from hip hop and bass culture. They play at Khar Social in Mumbai on the 27th. 

Ballzee, Mad Twinz and High Rez: Undefeated beatboxing champion Ball-Zee joins forces with beatboxing duo Mad Twinz with DJ High Rez dropping the bass. Catch them at Raasta, Mumbai on the 28th. 

Enzo Siragusa: The master of the rave, Enzo Siragusa shows you why he is numero uno in the rave culture with a mind-bending unique sound to get you moving on the dance floor. He performs at Kitty Su in Mumbai on the 28th.   

Terminal 1 Festival: Terminal 1 isn’t your regular music festival, it is a culmination of great experiences surrounding music, discovery and a lot more. Spanning across three days, the festival takes place at three different venues across the city, each aiming to create a distinctive and immersive experience. The line-up includes Helena Hauff, Henry Wu, Some DJ, Aisha Devi, Yung Raj and more. The festival kicks off on the 28th in Mumbai. 

Kohra: Kohra flirts with left field techno as easily as he flirts with your head on the dancefloor. He is a versatile producer, DJ and founder of Qilla records which serves as the platform for his unique output. He is live at Aqua The Park in Bangalore on the 28th. 

Baba Robijn and Goos: Baba Robijin is a honed and respected practitioner of drum and bass. Together with Goos, the duo will navigate the wide electronic field with a smattering of Deep, Melodic, Groovy, Funky, Afro, Jackin’ House Music with a twist of Techno towards the end. They play at Xoox Brewmill in Koramangala, Bangalore on the 29th. 

Goa Gill: Goa Gill is one of the founding fathers of the goa trance/psytrance movements in electronic music. If that isn’t hype enough, go find out what you’re missing at Kitty Su in Mumbai on the 29th.  

Homeshake and Jbabe: Homeshake specialises in a bleary-eyed take on lo-fi R&B while Jbabe lo-fi, indie-pop connoisseur with a hint of rhythm and blues. They are live at Fandom at Gilly’s redefined in Bangalore on the 1st of March.      

BLOT!: BLOT! Is back and is ready to take over your mind with a scathing set that builds from lush and intricate lower bpm compositions before progressing on to the bangers. Catch him live at Tabula Rasa in Hyderabad on the 1st.