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Best Gigs in Delhi NCR

Sejal Moris: A self-taught singer and guitar player based out of New Delhi, India, Sejal Moris’ unique sound has been inspired by Pop and Soul music. She has been playing alive across popular venues in the country. Catch her live at Summer House Cafe in New Delhi on the 3rd. 

Moses & Moscada: Goa is bringing its spirit to Delhi in the form of Moses and Moscada, the duo that has been waving the Techno flag high for the coastline in the last few years. Moses aka Shaun Moses is the firestarter, grooving dance floors across India while Moscada incorporates a wide range of influences such as Trip-hop and Detroit Techno. They perform live at Auro Kitchen and Bar on the 5th.  

Los Cabra & Flex Machina: Manuel Sahagun & Christ Burstein aka Los Cabra combine Burstein’s love for all things House and Melodic with Sahagun’s seasoned chops as a musician to create something unique while still keeping the dancefloor flowing. Flex Machina is similarly adventurous, Gautham Hebbar and Tamzid Rahman use Analog Modular Synths to create ambient soundscapes and rapturous basslines. They perform at Summer House Cafe in Delhi on the 6th.  

Oceanic: The Rotterdam resident Oceanic has developed a taste for off-centre rhythms and a trance-like percussive attack. He threads a line through almost every genre, cutting out parts he likes but keeping the momentum going on the dance floor. He performs at Auro Kitchen and Bar in Delhi on the 7th. 

warpcore x LiMN presents SEQU3L, Rummy Sharma and Curtain Blue: Warpcore & LiMN continue our Fridays at the fabulous The Hong Kong Club this Friday with a musically diverse line-up featuring the ingenious Curtain Blue playing a DJ set, the might SEQU3L coming down from Pune and legendary techno bossman Rummy Sharma closing the party. The mayhem begins on the 6th at The Hong Kong Club in Aerocity. 

BLOT!: BLOT!’s back in town! And he’s bringing his trademark melodic, dreamy soundscape to Molecule in Delhi on the 7th. Expect to be mesmerized on the dance floor with swirling, melodic sounds to trip you out.  

Lifafa, Disco Puppet & Kumail: Suryakant Sawhney aka Lifafa composes his music with a unique vision, to impart a deeper meaning to his grooves on the floor. Through constant experimentation and musings in Hindu and Urdu, Lifafa has managed to appeal to a large audience. Disco Puppet is easily bored but that’s a good thing! It means we get someone not afraid to venture beyond the electronic envelope but also someone who’s experimentations are positively human. Kumail draws from a rich emotional palette just as easily as he breaks ankles on the dance floor! Catch the gang at WeWork in NCR on the 7th. 

Ultra Music Festival (Road to Ultra India): What do we have here? Another festival that promises to bruise kneecaps and give foresight to the left-footed. With a line-up of heavy hitters like Vini Vicci, Kshmr, Nicky Romero and Alesso, you best be prepared for some unsavoury mayhem. It begins on the 7th and heads to Gurugram at the Backyard Sports Club on the 8th. 

Stalvart John, Secular Chai and MC Soopy: Dance, Funk and Hip-Hop collide at Together at 12th in Gurgaon on the 8th as Stalvart John, Secular Chai and MC Soopy take it upon themselves to get you groovin’. John is known for his dance floor bangers while Chai whips out Funk, Future Funk, Hip-hop and everything in between. MC Soopy brings the grime infused rhymes to bring it all together.

Best Gigs outside Delhi NCR

Kohra, Midnight Traffic & Vridian: The founder of Qilla records, Kohra and his two horsemen from the label, Midnight Traffic and Vridian take over antiSOCIAL in Mumbai on the 5th. Expect a night of intelligent bangers, with troves of melody mixed with subversion and utter chaos laced with calmness. 

Luuk Van Dijk: An audio-visual pop-up gig mixed with the frothy sounds of Melodic House. What’s not to like? Amsterdam based Luuk Van Dijk ties up with Blurry Slur and Orbs & Zen to take you on an immersive audio-visual extravaganza. Oh…and get this, the theme is SummerSlam, so wrestling, music and visuals! Head to antiSOCIAL in Mumbai on the 7th. 

Loco and Jam: LOCO & JAM are Northern Irish based Techno duo made up of Lloyd Reid and James Peoples. They have a notable list of collaborations and mixes which have earned them a following. Their music is hard and loud, not for the faint of heart. Check out if you can survive Kitty Su in Mumbai on the 7th.  

Shash & Chaz: Bangalore based Shash & Chaz’ sounds encompass lush atmospheres, vivacious bass lines and their tonality leans towards the more moody, melodic and dark spectrum while remaining musically inclined and staying true to the dance floor. Check out their style on the 8th at Aqua The Park in Bangalore. 

Woo York: The Kiev-based duo Woo York are an internationally recognized live act with their own signature sound. Woo York’s improvisational, hardware-based live set combines both energetic and experimental techno elements with acid leads and euphoric atmospheres.

Bira Maaholi-2020: Three massive stages, each dedicated to Bollywood, English Pop and Techno. The music will get faster and louder as the day progresses until the crescendo with a live Techno set amidst the trees! The line-up features heavy hitters like Best Kept Secret, Zaeden, Suketu, Sequ3l, Ashtrix and many more. The festival starts on the 8th at The Lalit Ashok in Bangalore.