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How to keep your phone clean?


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Rohith Bhaskar
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Does the Coronavirus have you worried? It should. It has the WHO (World Health Organisation) worried enough to declare it a global emergency. WHO also recommends keeping your hands and face clean. While that sounds manageable, there is one thing people tend to ignore when talking about germs…their smartphones. 

As per a report by Metro, the Coronavirus can survive on a smartphone for a week. 

Think about it, you can rigorously keep yourself clean but our smartphones don’t seem to have the same luxury. Researchers recommend you clean your phone twice a day during lunch and dinner. Here are some tips to get you started faster: 

Use a microfiber cloth to clean your phone’s screen

While alcohol and disinfectant wipes are tempting, they do pose a risk to your smartphone. Many manufacturers use a special coating on your phone’s screen to prevent fingerprints from sticking. These gradually wear off over time but rubbing alcohol and disinfectant wipes speed up the process. Your best bet is a microfiber cloth lightly doused in water or soap water. 

Be careful when exposing your phones to liquid

While we just recommended using water, you should keep in mind that liquids still do present danger to your smartphone. Be careful during your wipe down, especially mindful of the small inlets around the chassis. While most high-end smartphones are water-resistant these days, there is still value in keeping a watchful eye. 

Wash your hands regularly before or after use

This step might seem overly protective but there is no harm in washing your hands at brief intervals during the workday. While researchers admit that the risk of catching an infection is lower through your device than human-to-human interaction, it doesn’t hurt to be a little cautious while using the petri dish that is your smartphone. 

Try and avoid taking your smartphone with you in the washroom

While it won’t always be possible, you can at the very least exercise this rule at home. Make it a habit to keep your messages and notifications on hold when you go for your little sojourn, it’s a good practice in general and a habit you should form post haste.

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