New Batmobile goes back to being a car like the original Adam West Batman show


Shedding its futuristic, mean-machine look from Nolan’s Batman films, it appears that the new Batmobile is going back to looking like a car again. 

I liked the Nolan Batmobile look, it fits in with the gritty Sci-Fi’ sh Noir Batman has going for it but the new look is going back to simpler times. A lot of people have already likened the look of the new machine to Adam West’s caped crusader romp in the 60’s television series. 

While I am reserving judgement till I see it in action, I can’t deny that it has a cool, retro-vintage vibe that it gives off. It’s more curves than boxes and looks more like a Mustang or a Corvette. 

Not that Nolan’s films were overflowing with it, this new machine does look like it will come with fewer tricks up its sleeve, I am guessing no ditching your self-destructing vehicle in an alleyway while you step on it in a weird pod-bike hybrid. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, It’s just a different take on the material. 

Matt Reeves and Robert Pattinson, in general, seem to be dialling in the “gritty” knob high for this iteration and that mean machine look wouldn’t have fit in. The muscle car engine style seems like a bit much though but the retro dials on the dash look cool! 

Honestly, it hasn’t proved to be as divisive as I thought it would either with people generally accepting the look and the ones who are still on the fence are still finding things they like about it. The people who aren’t fans of the new look have solid reasoning as well but If I am being honest, Nolan’s films had the first really cool looking Batmobile I remember. It wasn’t as weird as Tim Burton’s patented madness or the dismal days of Schumacher’s reign. 

I think I will give this the “wait and watch approach” If it fits in with whatever feel the film is going for, I don’t mind it.