Why Oppo’s Find X2 Pro could be superior to the Samsung Galaxy S20


Oppo has been erratic at best when it comes down to what it launches and how it brands it. For instance, the entire 2019 was spent positioning the Reno brand as the new premium while it abandoned its longstanding Find brand. Then it did the opposite – this year it has relegated the Reno brand back to the mid-range while the Find brand with the new Find X2 Pro. Now, this is a phone which is an example of the BBK group flexing its muscles showcasing the apex of Android smartphone technology. On paper, this phone is so impressive that it seems like it could be superior to even Samsung’s mighty Galaxy S20 Ultra. 

  • The new Oppo Find X2 Pro arguably looks better than the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. It comes in a myriad of finishes as well which includes a textured glass back and even a leatherback, which lends more character to the device. On the other hand, Samsung has a smudgy plain gloss back which also doesn’t feel as premium as previous Galaxy smartphones. 
  • The Oppo Find X2 Pro will be a slightly more powerful phone in most markets because it uses a more efficient Snapdragon 865 processor coupled with more (12GB) RAM and the same UFS 3.0 memory. Oppo’s file system enhancements also come into play performance-wise. The Oppo also gets 5G connectivity for sub-6 bands across the world. The Galaxy S20 Ultra only gets 5G in the US as it uses the same processor only in that market.
  • While the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra has a larger and arguably nicer 120Hz screen, the Oppo Find X2 Pro gets a smaller 6.7-inch screen which is more compact but with a 120Hz refresh rate at up to quad-HD resolution. It also gets a motion blur engine which makes everything smoother.  Oppo’s screens are also made by Samsung and they have the same touch sampling rate of 240Hz which likely means the battle is not about which one has the better screen, but which one has more features.
  • The Oppo has only three cameras on the back compared to the 4 cameras on the Samsung but considering the early reviews of the Galaxy S20 Ultra, the Find X2 Pro could have the edge. The fact that Oppo is using some killer sensors is going to give the Find X2 Pro an advantage. Oppo is using a new generation Sony IMX 689 48-megapixel sensor which is bigger and has a shallower depth. The wide-angle camera is last year’s flagship 48-megapixel Sony IMX 586 sensor which makes for perhaps the best wide-angle camera on a modern smartphone coupled with an 8-megapixel telephoto which does 10x hybrid zoom and 60x digital zoom. I sense in use, this should be a better camera system than the buzzword heavy Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. 
  • While the battery size is smaller than the Galaxy S20 Ultra at 4,250mAh, it also comes with Oppo’s proprietary Super VOOC 65-watt charging. It will juice up the phone in 2 hours, way faster than the USB-PD based solution on the Samsung Galaxy S20. In real-world usage, this sounds like the more pragmatic battery system.
  • Oppo has also caught up to Samsung in areas where it traditionally lagged. For instance, the latest iteration of Colour OS is smoother and nicer to look at taking inspiration from stock Android. Similarly, they have added a new z-axis motor for haptics, Oppo’s fingerprint scanners are usually better than Samsung’s while the core audio capabilities to are superior. 

Overall, from even an India context, the Find X2 Pro is looking like the best Android smartphone money can buy. While the previous Find was more of an experimental phone, this one is a safer, outright flagship with everything turned up to 11. Samsung sure has its brand and the Galaxy S20 Ultra is a darn good phone in its own right, but with the Find X2 Pro, Oppo has found something Samsung hasn’t.