OORT’s EP is a hypnotic swirl of futuristic electronica


Imagine hypnotic melodies fused with elements of IDM, glitch-hop and even techno bordering on acid and you arrive at what can be best described as the essence of OORT. OORT, of course, is the solo project of Rahul Das who is more widely known for his electro-rock band, the SundogProject, which made its debut almost exactly two years ago in Delhi opening for Apparat, the groundbreaking German electronic act.

OORT for sure is a bold experiment but also creeps through the sameness of the electronic music landscape as a breath of fresh air. It doesn’t resolve to the mundane repetitiveness of driving techno, euphoric deep house or acid techno — but rather manages to find a balance between the three genres while bringing a unique “jam” like rawness to the sound which makes this EP a fascinating listen. Generally, there is a rather dark and broody overtone to the entire EP but embellished with dramatic shifts which makes it captivating.

Sonically, this shouldn’t come as a surprise as this sits right in line with Das’s modus-operandi. Inspired by innovative and trailblazing acts like Apparat, Trentemoller, Moderat, this EP sits well on the intersection of forward-thinking electronic music and a digital swirl of a dystopian stream of consciousness.

More recently, Das collaborated with Karajimo for the title track of his upcoming album Lunar Howl. Interesting OORT’s first EP has also been mastered by star guitarist and sound engineer, Keshav Dhar who also worked on Lunar Howl. Dhar, of course, is widely known as the guitarist of the acclaimed progressive metal band — Skyharbor.

Before OORT, Das has been predominately known for his work with the SundogProject but also has been an integral part of India’s indie rock scene.

Check out the EP here.