Kurin Systems Atom review: A face mask for a pandemic?


We are now in the third month of the greatest pandemic since the Spanish flu which happened over a century ago. Gloves and face masks have become the new normal — that’s where the Kurin System Atom comes into play. It is not just any face mask, it is a high-quality face mask combined with a portable air purifier which fits snugly on your face. It may not be the most comfortable or attractive face mask, but sure as hell, it will turn heads and it will make for a highly effective personal protection mechanism.  

What’s warped

  • The most critical differentiator for the Atom is the fact that it marries the best of both worlds of an air purifier and a mask in a compact form that people can have the potential effectiveness of an air purifier when even on the go. As far as usability goes, Kurin systems have done a good job making these in three different sizes as they can fit a wide variety of people. I myself use the medium size and I could use it comfortably for a couple of hours. 
  • The use of a three-stage filtration system makes this more secure than any standard face mask as it leaves almost no room for PM 2.5 particles to enter which also includes something like the coronavirus. This system incorporates a HEPA filter, a carbon activated filter and a pre-filter, all three of which work in tandem with a vacuum-based designed power by a compact motor.  
  • One of the most important aspects of this air purifier is its battery life as it is a mobile product which will be used a lot. It is best used for commuting as it has 3-hour battery life. Some times it did better giving me up to 4 hours on a single charge. Even if you run out of battery and have the mask on, it will double as a superior air purification tool, though things can get a bit stuff at times. 
  • Last but not least is the way it looks. It is wild, almost giving a Darth Vader like vibe reminding people of sci-fi characters from yesteryear which makes this an interesting fashion statement, especially for nerds and geeks. Regardless, what your tastes are like, it will make heads turn. 

What’s not

  • The build quality of the exoskeleton of the air purifier isn’t something impressive. It feels cheap at a glance even though internally it is using some top-class materials. This works counterintuitively as it doesn’t feel like an upmarket piece of gear which could discourage people from adopting it. 
  • It doesn’t use a USB Type C port considering this is a high-end, tech-heavy mask which will be adopted by affluent people mostly who would likely have gadgets that leverage Type C. 
  • It can get uncomfortable after a few hours and considering its looks, it may detract women. 

Should you buy it? 

In India, if you want a portable air purifier which also doubles as a face mask – there is only one viable option, the Kurin systems Atom. It is a smart piece of tech for the COVID19 age that doubles as a fashion accessory for those who like its looks coupled by the fact that it has the potential to be an effective protectant more so than a standard face mask for just Rs 3,499.