Karajimo’s debut album Lunar Howl is out now


Back of the heels of a successful and critically acclaimed debut single, Karajimo’s first album Lunar Howl is out now on streaming platforms.  The debut single Lunar Howl which featured vocals from Circus vocalist and ambient electronica artist Curtain Blue aka Abhishek Bhatia also featured Rahul Das — both of whom are longtime collaborators of Viraj Mohan aka Karajimo, released with an inventive music video. There are more videos in the works which will be released in the coming weeks.

“For this album, I decided to get rid of the noise in my head. It’s industrial — has noisy synths with distorted guitars and a lot of ambient sound designing, “ said Mohan describing the sonic structure of the album. “The album is about a harsh overextended phase I was going through. The concept revolves around always finding hope,” Mohan said two months ago when the first single came out. 

The 10 track album is a heady cocktail of ambient electronica, mixed with progressive guitar riffs, the glitch of industrial music and the melancholy of Bhatia’s vocals harmonised with Mohan’s vocals. Apart from Bhatia, the album is star-studded with collaborations. The album has been mastered by Keshav Dhar, the star guitarist of renowned progressive metal band SkyHarbour who helped Mohan with the production. He also plays on the track “Monster” which is infused with some heavy metal. 

Of course, Dhar along with Nikhil Rufus Raj used to play with Viraj Mohan in Another Vertigo Rush which was one of India’s finest progressive metal acts in the 2000s. They both return on Lunar Howl. “It is always a great feeling to be part of a piece of music that is out into the world, even more so when it’s a best bud and a long time musical partner in crime at the helm of it. Really excited for Lunar Howl to be out there finally,” said Keshav Dhar back in March. 

Bhatia who is also Mohan’s old friend and long time collaborator perhaps is the most important cog in the creation of Lunar Howl. His hypnotic vocals which came to the fore in the indie rock band the Circus. His Circus bandmate, Anshul Lall is on live drums for performances. Apart from him, there is a collaboration with iconic electronic musician Karsh Kale on “Monster” alongside Dhar. 

Rappers Shizty and Crost come together on this album on the “Pushing Through” while Bhatia’s sister Abhinaina joins Rahul Das the entourage on “Lost”. 

In the next few weeks, there will be a new music video for “Don’t you realise” and post that Karajimo is also working on a series of EPs featuring remixes of the tracks by Tapan Raj and Gaurav Raina of the Midival Punditz, Fuzzculture, OORT, Komorebi, Jitter, Curtain Blue and Riatsu. Besides this, there is another EP that’s being worked upon which will have another set of remixes.

You can listen to the album or even better buy it from here:

Disclosure: warpcore’s events arm manages Karajimo.