Dotdat’s debut EP ‘Subtrap’ epitomizes the beam


Hard-hitting techno clones a strong revitalising sunbeam. It hits you bracing your bones, electrifying your very self. Dotdat’s debut EP ‘Subtrap’ epitomizes this beam.

The Pune-based DJ and producer’s meteoric rise in the last year grasps his reputation for achieving an enrapturing experience on the dance floor. Being victorious at Beatport’s global Beats in School competition his surging reputation has seen him receive mentorship from renowned techno label Second State and its founder Pan-Pot. After intermittently releasing singles, Dotdat has now released his first 4 track EP on Berlin-based producer Kaiser’s record label K S R.

The title track, ‘Subtrap’ gets things moving with shimmering oscillations, transforming drums along with rattling highs & tangential noises. Dotdat’s use of, high-octane textured, structured and focused elements gives the listener a clasping tool capturing their heed. “Volatile Evolution” provides a minimal groove that patiently develops throughout in harmony with the effervescent soundscapes building on top of acid-ic arpeggios. 

The growth in the artist’s mind is encapsulated with the progression in the EP.  “Portal” lays focus on providing a hypnotizing atmosphere with moving basslines, Shaking highs and rhythmic claps. Dotdat makes each track stand out in distinctive ways. The EP closes out with “Encapsulate” providing some dark atmospheric layers of synths covering bumping low-ends, along with hard-hitting kicks and tension building pads.

All round, Subtrap is a hardcore techno lover’s wet dream. 

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