Delhi-based producer Iam ALBOE to release synth-pop single “Yellow” in August


Yellow is part of a broader compilation that Iam ALBOE has been developing for the last three years and it will finally be released on 14th August 2020. 

Vedant Chandra (27) aka Iam ALBOE is a Delhi-based producer cum singer songwriter who is set to release his first single on August 14. Iam ALBOE, who has been a regular on the Delhi electronic dance music circuit has played gigs at venues like Fio and Serai, has been developing his “live” alterego for the last couple of years with numerous independently released tracks. This will be his first release after joining Delhi-based tech-music think-tank warpcore. This release also synchronises with warpcore’s 5th year anniversary where Iam ALBOE will perform a live set.

Yellow is part of a broader compilation that Iam ALBOE has been creating which speaks to numerous colours. “Yellow is the colour of energy and focus.  Like many of my songs that are named after colours, I am trying to promote Synesthesia with the song – Yellow,” says Iam ALBOE. 

“The setting of the song takes place in the early hours of the morning when a nightclub is beginning to shut down. Countless people are done with their night and are heading home. The protagonist of the album, the Painter, however, is not done yet. He is full of energy and has also courted someone during the course of the night. This is where the song begins as he pleads to her to continue their merriment in the gardens of the city before they decide to go home,” he elaborates. 

Vedant Chandra has been a musician all his life with deep roots in live performance. He has been a singer since the age of 4, he took up the tabla at 8 and then the drums at 12. Before he hit his teens, he had the ability to play in an ensemble. In his early 20s he started composing recreationally before starting the Iam ALBOE project in 2017 when he started composing and taking up DJ gigs. 

His live setup is an embodiment of his skill set and musical tastes combining groovy synths, with his skill on the drums and peppy vocals culminating in a whiplash of synth heavy pop that is rooted in dance music. 

While Yellow is his first big release, he already has some tracks in the wild which have gained some impressive traction. Blue, Gin N Tonic and Starlight are all raw examples of the Iam ALBOE signature sound. They can be found on all major streaming platforms.

Click here to Listen to Iam ALBOE’s track ‘Blue’.