Karajimo unleashes Lunar Tribe Pt 1 feat Jitter, Tapan Raj, Riatsu, Curtain Blue


Back on the heels of his highly successful debut album, Lunar Howl, Karajimo aka Viraj Mohan is back with another release called the Lunar Tribe PT 1 which acts like a remix EP for Lunar Howl. This EP focuses on re-imagining some of the musical ideas that made Lunar Howl such a success. 

Lunar Howl, bridged the gap between ambient electronica, industrial soundscapes, brooding grungy melodies and harmonies meshed with cutting edge production and progressive rock. The song “Monster” which featured world music sensation “Karsh Kale” even was featured in the Apple Music global playlist called “new rock”. 

Lunar Tribe PT 1 takes all these ideas and transposes them to something that is more dance floor ready. The EP features a mind-bending remix of the song “pushing through” from Curtain Blue, alongside a brooding version for “Monster” by Delhi based techno veteran Jitter. The titular title track “Lunar Howl” has been redone as an ominous ambient intro by Mumbai-based Shadaab Kadri who goes by the alias Riatsu for his new electronic music project. 

“Don’t you realise” has been redone in an electrifying way by Tapan Raj. Raj who is known as the one half of the iconic electronic and live music collective “The Midival Punditz” retains the song’s rock roots by transposing the motif into a locked-in groove that will make it electrifying on the dance floor given its industrial undertones. 

This is a very fun EP, arguably more palatable than the unique ideas brought forth by the main album. Lunar Tribe PT 1 expands the audience for Lunar Howl due its dance focused agenda. 

This is just the first version of Lunar Tribe — there is another EP coming up later this month. In the meanwhile, you can hear the mind bending EP on all popular streaming services.