Indipop Queen Shweta Shetty is back with a house-infused COVID anthem Daro Na’


The coronavirus pandemic has affected musicians around the world. Many artists had to cancel tours, delay album releases and find new sources of income. But there are some musicians who were not bound by the pandemic and found inspiration in this as well.  Iconic 90s pop queen Shweta Shetty being one of them proved it with the arrival of her new single “ Daro Na’, which she made in collaboration with Addy S, perfectly suiting the current scenario. 

Daro Na’ is a whirlwind of cheerful retro disco sounds. It is an ode to the classic sound of 80’s house music; a confluence of futuristic synths and indie arrangements reflecting the timelessness of Shweta’s voice to create a tune that is soulful and uplifting. At the same time, it is also an embodiment of the innovation happening in India’s electronic dance music circuit. 

Addy and Shweta connected when they originally met in Hamburg, Germany a couple of years ago. At the time Addy had expressed his desire to collaborate with her having followed her work for years. This eventually happened earlier this year when Shetty returned to India and due to the pandemic she couldn’t travel abroad.

“It truly was a very heartwarming conversation and we wanted to bring a positive outlook out of the prevailing situation and emphasise people for adopting a new mindset by uplifting each other with the joy and comfort of music.  The whole motive behind making this song is to make people aware about their mental and physical health,” said Shetty. 

The vocals for the song were recorded by Shweta herself on her iPhone X at her home in Mumbai. It was then edited and mixed by Addy  S and was completed into a finished master in just 15 days. Even for the video, Shetty used the selfie camera of her iPhone for the montage which was then mixed in with other footage to create the video for the inspirational anthem. 

In a way,  the way the song came together is reflective of the DIY times we are living in and how technology has come so far that it enables people to achieve things from the safety of their home unlike before. 

Interestingly, this track is composed by Addy S who is virtually an unknown quantity on the circuit. But those who have been regulars at Delhi’s underground disco scene, know Addy S aka Aditya Sharma as the brains behind the Helsinki Nights parties which have hosted big acts like Dicky Trisco, San Soda, Get Down edits amongst others. Addy’s long fascination with house and disco tunes also made him a long time Shweta Shetty fan which led to him seeking her to do the vocals for this song. 

Back in the 90s Shweta Shetty had stormed on the Indian music circuit which was dominated by Bollywood with her eponymous debut ‘Johnny Johnny Joker’. The pop star’s unconventional, powerful voice was perfect for her singles and albums ‘Deewane Toh Deewane’ and ‘Dil Tote Tote Ho Gaya’ that became hugely popular. She was the pop icon of the 90`s and for more than a decade sold over 13 million film/private album/compilation copies world-wide. She had also worked with some very talented names in the international music scene like Frank Peterson, Gregorian and Jam and Spoon. Daro Na’ marks her return and debut of Addy S. 

At the time of publishing the song has already gathered more than 50,000 views on YouTube. Currently, the song is unsigned and hasn’t hit the mainstream streaming services but you can view or listen to it on YouTube and Soundcloud.