Musicians blast on Spotify CEO Daniel Ek for his comments on royalties


Spotify CEO Daniel Ek discussed streaming and sustainability in a recent interview with Music Ally recently which has angered musicians the world over. Ek addressed long standing complaints related to royalties that his platform offers to the musicians. But startlingly he put the blame on the musicians themselves, and insisted that the role of the musician had changed in today’s “future landscape”. He suggested musicians needed to work harder by releasing new music more often. These assertions have made musicians quite furious and they lashed on Twitter.

Ek also claimed that a “narrative fallacy” had been created and caused music fans to believe that Spotify doesn’t pay musicians enough for streams of their music. “Some artists that used to do well in the past may not do well in this future landscape,” he said. “Where you can’t record music once every three to four years and think that’s going to be enough,” added the billionaire. 

“The artists these days that are earning it notice that it is about producing a continuous engagement with their supporters,” Ek said. “It is about placing the get the job done in, about the storytelling all over the album, and about retaining a continuous dialogue with your admirers.”

In response to Ek’s remarks, some artists including Indian Techno stalwart Arjun Vagale, R.E.M. co-founder Mike Mills ― spoke their minds on Twitter, blasting the CEO for how poorly Spotify paid artists. 

As per a Soundcharts report, artists earn $0.00318 per stream. So musicians promoting their music on Spotify would need 3,114 plays to earn one hour of minimum wage USD ($10.37). So it’s no surprise Ek wants to shift the blame and responsibility off his company, dumping it directly onto the shoulders of artists was a horrible idea.