Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra truly feels like the most expensive phone ever


You know that feeling when you’re using or touching something expensive. You get that gushing rush of power, exclusivity, fragility and beauty all in one go? Usually, you get that feeling, in terms of tech, when you’re touching a new iPhone before anyone else. But hello, after a decade of chasing tail, Samsung has arrived with the Note 20 Ultra. Yes, this is the 10th Note, which itself is a noteworthy task but it certainly goes beyond that. 

Shot by Khalid Wani

In fact, I’d go one step further and say that the Galaxy Note 10 was also quite the looker. It ought to be a looker considering Samsung has just tweaked the formula on the Note 20, and changed some aesthetic choices On the Note 10+ they had this gradient finish on the back which reflected rainbow colours in the most mind-bending way. It looked great. But Samsung is priming the pump even more. 

There is this satin, matte finish, in this copper-like colour that Samsung called mystic bronze. It looks so expensive and feels so supple. It feels as if I’m touching a phone made by Louis Vuitton. Sure, we have seen those luxury phones before — everyone has done it. Hell, Samsung is also doing it for the Galaxy Z Fold 2 with the Thom Brown edition, but the Note 20 Ultra even in its plane-jane avatar feels expensive. 

It feels expensive, not only because it is, but also because it feels so good to hold. Sure, it is hulking, but it feels so plush and yet reassuringly solid for a phone. And that happens because it is the first phone to have the Gorilla Glass Victus – the strongest glass to have ever been used on a phone. 

The other thing that really makes you feel special is that “mashallah” display on the Note. 6.9-inches of utter greatness. It has all the numbers and technical equity you can desire of it — like quad HD resolution and 120Hz that too with dynamic refresh rate management and best in class colours, upwards of 1400 nits of brightness levels and whatnot. Chances are even if you’re using a Samsung Frame TV at home for all its 4K glory, this is going to be the most fun screen. 

The magic of this screen is that it can dynamically change the refresh rate alongside just being visually stunning. Viewing Netflix movies is a delightful experience. I just finished watching the latest season of the Umbrella Academy on it. 

The S-Pen is possibly the reason people buy the Note series and this really makes the phone feel like something worthy of businessmen. You know the type of vibe that people used to have with Nokia communicators and BlackBerry’s, yeah today, only the Galaxy Note gives that. In fact, the S-Pen possibly gets its biggest update as now the latency is down to 9ms. It is great for note-taking considering the massive. 

shot by Khalid Wani

Other than this, you know the usual meat and potatoes of the phone are also top class. You get the Samsung Exynos 990 chip which I know people aren’t too happy about, but the thing is it will be great for everyone — just maybe not gamers which is something I will test. It gets tons of RAM, and by the way, the fastest RAM plus the fastest storage and on my unit 256GB of it. The cameras from initial inspection definitely seem to be better than Samsung’s Galaxy S20 Ultra which makes this the best Samsung camera phone too. 

A lot of people are snickering about the Rs 1,00,000 plus price of the Note 20 Ultra — but hey, it is an ultra, and it feels like a Louis Vuitton product and is as functional as a Samsung, one expects. It feels ultra-premium, ultra-exclusive and ultra business-like, and that’s what one should take note of.