warpcore Comic Pull List


Welcome to the Warpcore Comic Pull List. Here we put together a few comic books that you should be checking out right now. 

We’re covering everything from the big guns who you definitely know like Marvel and DC, and going all the way to some publishers you may have never heard about.

So without further do, here’s four comic runs you need to check out today.

Batman: The Joker War (Batman #95)

DC Comics


For those of you following the current run of Batman comics, you’re probably invested in this incredible storyline.

For those of you that aren’t here’s a quick spoiler free update.

This follows the Their Dark Designs story arc. A storyline that covered Batman’s past and the biggest villains from his rogue gallery. All about setting up the perfect crimes that even Batman wouldn’t be able to stop. Their Dark Designs brings us face to face with the Designer, the ultimate master criminal, and a part of the Gotham underworld we have ever seen before. A story line that begins in Batman #86 and concludes in Batman #94, it’s easily one of the most interesting arcs I’ve read in recent years. So why am I recommending The Joker War? Because this kicks off The Joker War. The Clown Prince of Crime’s incredible rise to ultimate power in Gotham city. So yes, start with Their Dark Designs and get to the Joker War. The insanity has only just begun.

Star Wars: Darth Vader (2020 run)

Marvel Comics


What many people don’t know is that Marvel produces some excellent Star Wars comics. This is not the first Darth Vader series they have done, and it will definitely not be the last.

Ranked as one of the greatest film villains of all time, the adventures of Darth Vader come alive in these pages. If you ever wondered what the Sith lord was doing between all his movie and TV appearances, this is where you need to go. This current run, currently at issue number 3 (titled Ghosts of Vader’s Past), sees Vader’s continuing quest to destroy everyone who hid the existence of his son Luke. Watch him deal with literal and metaphorical ghosts as he goes about on this Dark Side adventure.

Usagi Yojimbo #11 – The Return

IDW Comics


Most people have never heard of Usagi Yojimbo. I first read this series over 15 years ago by accident. I happened to be visiting my aunt in the US and saw this at the local library. I’ve been hooked to the epic since. 

Created by Stan Sakai, Usagi Yojimbo is the story of Usagi, a ronin, and his adventures across feudal era japan. The characters are all anthropomorphic, which for me just adds to the awesomeness. Plus if you’re a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fan, you’ll love this, because they have had many cross-overs over the years. 

The Return follows Usagi returning from a pilgrimage only to be beaten within an inch of his life. Forcing him to go to the one place he has avoided for years – the village he grew up in. It’s got romance, action, intrigue, assassinations, and a samurai rabbit. 

Also Usagi will be getting his own Netflix show soon. So it’s a good idea to brush up on all you can read. 

Once and Future

Boom! Studios

Once and Future' Comic to Bring Arthurian Legend to Modern Day ...

The king is (un)dead. Long live the king.

Going into Once and Future, you might think that, “Oh another King Arthur retelling, in modern times.”

But it’s so much more than. When a group of nationalists try to use artifacts to resurrect a villain from the Arthurian legends, a retired monster hunter must team up with her unwilling grandson and throw him headfirst without a parachute into a world of magic, mysticism, and madness. Now he has to help destroy an ancient evil. Talk about on the job training. 

Once and Future comes from bestselling writer Kieron Gillen and award-winning artist Dan Mora. It’s packed with incredible action, lore, and writing that keeps you hooked. If you like history, myth, and action this is what you need to be reading.